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The Secrets Of Great Office Design

Designing a modern office is not as simple as adding a few pieces of furniture and assuming it’s enough to get the job done. Additionally, it’s not as straightforward as applying a ‘one design fits all’ concept. The primary objective of modern office design is about creating a better place to work. By creating a better place to work, you can become more productive automatically. 

But what makes an office space design great? In this article, we want to discuss simple but crucial secrets of effective office design. However, before that, we should understand how office design affects productivity. 

How Office Design Affects Productivity 

Think of office design as a productivity tool. Do you know how much money you spend on various apps and systems to make your office run more efficiently? Probably a lot. However, the topic of innovative design is often overlooked. Great office design motivates your employees as well as cares for them, builds their trust, and helps you retain them.   

The findings from Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report stated how important it is to design a workspace with employee health in mind. The survey identified that 87% of employees would like their employer to offer better workspace benefits that would positively contribute to their health. Furthermore, It pointed out that 93% of workers in the tech industry would stay longer at a company that would offer them healthier workplace benefits.

So How Should You Design Your Office Layout?

Your layout needs to reflect your business and also provide the right space and equipment for all your employees. It’ll help them get their jobs done effectively while keeping them healthy and happy. Although the design will vary according to companies, the common goal is to align every part with core values, culture, and goals. For example, if you are taking on more projects that involve teamwork, an open plan office layout could be a suitable choice for you. You should also consider the age group of your team members while designing your office space as well. This is crucial because different age groups have different preferences. For example, millennials love collaborative, relaxed workspaces.

You should, however, never go for a single layout hoping it will fit all your employees. Make room for people who prefer working in a focused environment even if you are going for an open plan layout. It’s not just your workflow or the age group of your employees that you should consider while designing your office layout. Your arrangement should also address the need for different personality types. Remember, not everyone is open about discussing their preferences. 

There are plenty of ways to strike a balance between different working styles. The best way to articulate what you need in an office space is by exploring everyday work patterns and what your employees need from the area to be successful.

According to a Forbes report, excellent company culture begins with the office space. So make sure your layout includes the right tools and also the features that impact the productivity of your team.    

Get together as a team and have an open conversation about what everyone wants (and needs). Encourage your team to describe their perfect working condition and incorporate it into your office design decisions.

Things Influencing Office Design Trends Of 2020 And Beyond

Factors such as location, enclosure, exposure, perspective, and size aren’t the only things that influence an office design anymore. For modern office designs, there are more areas to consider than physical space and its accessibility. Today, Office design inspiration covers a broader topic than just design and layout.

More companies are recognising the value of creating functional workspaces for employees with different personalities. Though personality tests have been around for a while, it hasn’t been long since businesses have identified the importance of their implementation in office space design. According to ScienceDirect, there is a significant impact the environment has on performance and job satisfaction in employees. Some modern offices have been incorporating the demands of various job roles in space planning and design. You should dive deeper than job roles to understand personality traits and create a more efficient working condition. 

The advancement in technology has not only been making our lives better but also transforming the way we work. Within the next few years, artificial intelligence will work alongside us more commonly than it ever did before. AI will profoundly impact our office designs of the future. Therefore modern office designs should give special attention to creating rooms for technological growth

Nature can help boost our creativity. Even looking at pictures of nature shifts our mind’s mode of thinking. This reality, as mentioned in the “The Benefits of Nature Experience” report shows how our modern office space designs are being redesigned with nature in mind. The concept of biophilia is all about welcoming nature in the office space to promote mental health and boost productivity. And it is inspiring modern office designs. Who wouldn’t want to include a sustainable solution in their office design to boost productivity and contribute to the environment?     

The modern office culture has made it to this point through the evolution of decades. But it hasn’t been long since we’ve started thinking about safety in our workspaces differently. The global pandemic of 2020 has made us rethink the future of how we work and if they make sense in the post-COVID era. Office spaces have been transforming over time, but this transformation will be more immediate than ever before. 

Update Your Office Design

At Direct Office, we offer a range of office furniture to suit your modern office setup. Browse our collection of ergonomic office chairs, modern office workstations, sit-stand desks, safety screens, office accessories, to support your team correctly. Whether you’re looking to improve your staff’s health or your office space, we’ll provide you with the best solution. We custom make products, too, so get in touch if you have special requirements.

Don’t hesitate to update your office layout as your business evolves. Let it grow as your company does. Stay flexible, allow for growth and don’t forget to keep communicating with your team. You should know what inspires them.

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