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The Secrets of a Great Office Design

Office design requires thought. It’s not as simple as adding a few pieces of furniture in a room and hoping it’s enough for your employees. With changing team sizes, it’s easy to get this wrong. You might buy additional furniture to cater for everyone but it needs to be about quality, not quantity.

Think of good office design as a productivity tool. How much money do you spend on apps and systems that’ll make your office run more efficiently? Probably lots. Smart design is something that’s often overlooked.

Your layout needs to reflect your business. It will be different for every company. Every part should align with your core values, culture, and goals. Are you taking on more projects that involve teamwork? Then maybe, an open plan office layout is suitable. What’s the age of your team members? Millennials love collaborative, relaxed workspaces.

You don’t have to choose between one or the other – collaboration and quiet. Open plan layouts still have private areas where employees can work alone when they want space. There are plenty of ways to strike a balance between both working styles. The best way to articulate what you need in an office space is by exploring everyday work patterns and what your employees need from the space.

Get together as a team and have an open conversation about what everyone wants (and needs). Ask them to describe their perfect working week. What does it look like? How does it sound and feel? From there, you can correspond it to your office design decisions.

There are seven factors to consider when planning your new office look. They are location, enclosure, exposure, technology, temporality, perspective, and size. Look at the physical space and make sure it’s accessible for everyone. Inspect the walls, doors, windows and ceilings. Are there any issues there?

Is it a loud space? Does it offer visual or acoustic privacy? Is it outfitted with high-tech or low-tech tools or can they be easily installed? Consider the degree to which the space invites lingering. Does the space focus your team’s attention? What about the size? Is it too big or small? Go through all these questions and you’re on your way to a great office layout.

Update Your Office Design.

At Direct Office Furniture, we have a range of desks to suit your office setup. Browse office computer desks and corner desks, executive and reception desks, and standing desks. Whether you’re looking to improve the health of your employees, switch to an open-plan layout or update your reception area, talk to us.

We custom make products, too, so get in touch if you have special requirements.

Don’t be afraid to continuously update your office layout as your business evolves. It shouldn’t be a stagnant space. Let it grow as your company does.

Stay flexible, allow for growth and don’t forget to keep communicating with your team. They’ll tell you what they need from the space.