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While furnishing an office area, we need to keep every space and its functionality in mind. Making a lasting good impression should be the key to planning and designing, especially the office or business spaces. When one enters your organisation, what they see is how they will perceive your business. Proper interiors and furnishings play a huge role in making that great initial impression. However, while the style and appeal are the key points, these furnishings should also be functional, affordable, and speak for your business before you do. Amongst other areas, reception is one of the focused sections while planning any interior design project. As receptions are considered the face of the business where the most interpersonal interactions happen, they should adequately reflect your business. This is why you can see most businesses tend to focus on furnishing their reception areas in a more appealing, trendy, yet functional manner. Interpreting visual identity for your business and the service you provide is up to the reception. There are plenty of elements to consider: the lighting, furnishing, accommodation, and comfort level. So what is the key to achieving a reception area that is appropriate for your business? As an area dedicated to front office businesses, the furnishings should be stylish and equally efficient. The office reception desk should be able to accommodate the receptionist in all their daily tasks at hand. A reception counter needs to have everything from storage, support, and plenty of space to work at. So choosing the right option for office reception is essential. Not only this, but depending on the area, one also needs to consider the shape and size of the accommodating furniture.

Benefits of Quality Reception Desk

A reception desk is your shop-front and can set the tone for your business. Having a clean, tidy and well-designed reception, run by a welcoming member of staff can help to:

1. Ensure your clients and customers view your business as a professional enterprise

2. Promote productivity by improving work ethic

3. Create a positive atmosphere in the office

4. Increase customer satisfaction and sales

Features of Quality Office Reception Desks

A reception desk must convey professionalism and help your employees carry out administrative tasks, such as, attending phone calls, documentation and welcoming visitors. While the office design is crucial as well, make sure it is appropriate for staff and customers to perform their tasks. It should have enough space for the employees to move around and do multi-tasking.

1. Functionality

Have adequate space for staff to work freely and attend visitors as well. 

2. Shape

Reception desks come in different shapes, sizes and colours to fit your office needs. 

3. Storage

Opt for a reception desk with built-in storage to keep the front area tidy and managed. 

Types of Modern Reception Desks Australia

As mentioned above, choosing the right option depending on your requirements, the space available, and the functionalities needed is essential. While style is an important aspect, making sure what your priorities are in terms of functions will benefit you and your business in the long run. Direct Office deals with an extensive range of office furniture, including a variety of reception desks. Let’s discuss some options that you will find here.

Curved Reception Desks

Curved Reception Desks are one of the most popular choices as it offers a sleek, professional and contemporary look. It is a modern reception desk ideal for a more spacious office area as it takes up more space in contrast to the traditional office desk. These desks are also a great way to warm up a colossal room and make it more welcoming. Not to mention the luxurious and stylish approach it offers as the main element of the reception area. As it provides ample space, you have enough options for storage as well. 

Straight Reception Desks

This is another excellent option for those looking to go the traditional route and choose a sturdy, bold element for the reception area. It is ideal for smaller spaces that require desks that take up less room. The traditional straight design makes it great for those offices who want to make a bold statement and yet be practical and straightforward with the purpose. Simple, efficient and multipurpose, our range of unique options will fit your office space perfectly.

L-Shaped Reception Desks

The great thing about L shaped reception desks is that they are a mixture of curved and straight office reception desks. If you want to stand out while maintaining a bold and sturdy element in the office space, these desks are ideal for you. The unique design is based on the letter L, hence the name. It is excellent for those spaces that require maximum storage and ample reception office area. These L shaped desks offer significantly more versatility as they fit into any office corner or open space. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal it gives off while you welcome your clients onto the reception area. 

Why Choose Direct Office for your Reception Desks Requirements?

Direct Office is your very own office furniture solution that offers all niches of furnishings, including office chairs, desks, tables, workstations, storage, and office accessories. With over three decades of experience in the field, we have managed to gain a reputation for standard, high quality and sturdy office solutions that will fit all your requirements and necessities. As one of the leading names in Australia, find everything you need right here with us. With a guarantee for quality products and fantastic customer services, we offer all the office furnishings you hope to find in one place. 


An Extensive Collection of Amazing Office Furniture Options

With Direct Office, nothing is impossible. We offer an extensive range of amazing office furniture that are high-quality, durable and visually appealing. We are responsible for the complete design, manufacturing and dispatch process; we assure you of amazing quality for each product we deliver. And we deal in all variations of materials, styles, and sizes. Whatever your preferences are, we deliver on that. We have it all in-store, ready for dispatch, the variations in the size requirements, functionality, and style. With a vast collection of office furniture, including quality reception desks in all forms of materials and styles, you will find the ideal option for you right here with us. The best part, however, is that we offer customised solutions as per your requirements as well. So if our collection does not appease you, you can easily order your form of ideal fit with us.


Quality Assured Office Furnitures

Direct Office deals with the complete design and manufacturing process, which excludes the involvement of third-party manufacturing companies. As each of our pieces represents us, we ensure that all of our products are built to last with the highest quality materials. In addition, all of the products are manufactured in a controlled and monitored environment which further ensures the level of quality it offers. We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clientele, so we always focus on delivering quality goods and an excellent customer experience.


Affordable Office Furniture

One of the major points to consider while upgrading or furnishing is the budget you are willing to stay under. Furnishing an entire office is not always an affordable affair. Considering all the elements that one requires in an office, it is usually very costly.

The great thing about Direct Office is our affordable rates. But don’t be fooled. Just because we offer lower rates does not mean we compromise on quality. On the contrary, we are entirely responsible for each design, manufacture, and dispatch in a controlled setting that we monitor. This means no third-party partners, suppliers or wholesalers are involved. As we exclude the extra cost from third party suppliers and manufacturers, we offer our clients affordable, budget-friendly office furnishing options. This direct factory approach is what makes Direct Office stand out from our competitors. 


Bulk Order With Us

Anything you see on the website, we have it with us, that too in bulk. So if you are looking to bulk order, no need to waste extra time and effort and go the extra mile just for the sake of bulk ordering. As all of our products are in-house products, you do not need your order to be delivered by the manufacturer to the supplier to the store near you. Order and get your orders delivered to your doorsteps within a minimal time frame. If you are not looking to bulk order, then it is just as easy. All of our products are in our warehouse, ready to be dispatched with immediate notice. So if you are looking for prompt delivery, then we are there for you.

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Why Should You Buy Reception Desks From Us?


Get affordable reception desks: We deliver affordable reception desks in Australia at an affordable price. We offer a variety of reception desks at different price points without compromising on quality.


High-quality modern desks: We make products from good quality materials. We use quality materials and working processes to make products durable and authentic.


Deliver all over Australia: Direct Office delivers reception desks throughout Australia. We offer various shipping options to ensure fast and safe delivery.


As the leading furniture manufacturers and supplier in Australia, Direct Office ensures you are provided with the best product at the best price possible. We believe in long-term commitments with our clients. And all of our products speak for us. Get high-quality, stylish, modern, affordable and durable office furnishings with us. We are committed to delivering your furniture to your doorsteps as fast as possible. Contact us and purchase your furniture directly from the factory!