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In the past, office workstation was often designed with little thought given to employee comfort or well-being. There has, however, been a shift in that thinking in the past few years, and employers are now placing more value on employee comfort and the working environment. As a result, modern office workstations have become more comfortable and ergonomic, increasing employee productivity and job satisfaction. Our Office workstations come in different shapes and sizes and can be made from materials of your choice. The most important thing is that the modern workstation available these days are functional and comfortable, allowing employees to work at their best. Direct Office is here to help you buy the best workstation system for your office space or home office as per your requirements.

Buy Office Workstations Suitable For You

Choosing the right office workstation for your employees requires careful consideration of many factors. Here are the major considerations when choosing one for your employee.

Job Role

The type of workstation your employee needs depends on their job role. For example, a graphic designer needs a computer workstation desk that can easily fit a big screen, whereas a web developer often requires multiple screens to do their work efficiently, meaning they benefit from a large workstation. Likewise, a salesperson or even an accountant will benefit from one with ample storage options to store essential documents.

Working for an extended period at the office workstation desk can tax the body. Muscles start to tense up, and backs begin to ache. To help alleviate this stress, a workstation should be set up correctly. Depending on the job role, you may need to look into setups with an ergonomic chair or a height-adjustable workstation.

Also, for jobs requiring more manual labour, such as assembly line work, it is vital to have a workstation that allows easy movement. This may mean having a height-adjustable desk or stool and an ample workspace. By taking the time to set up a workstation that is comfortable and suits the needs of the job, workers can help reduce strain on their bodies and improve their overall health.

Office Aesthetics

Workstations support office operations and reflect your team spirit. A workstation system that matches the colour and style of your office interior can significantly add to this. The layout, design, and colour of your office workstation can either create a distraction-free environment that encourages productivity or an uninspiring space that makes it hard to focus. Since office workstations generally cover most of the office, they can be critical in positively driving the overall atmosphere of your office interior.

So, it’s essential to keep functionality and aesthetics in mind when choosing office workstation desk options. By balancing these elements, you can create an office that looks great and promotes a positive and productive work atmosphere.

Office Space

While it’s important to find office furniture that fits your office interiors and your staff needs, it’s also essential to consider how much space you actually have. If your office has limited space, you can have workstations with multi-functional furniture that serve as both a working space and storage space consisting of drawer units for storage. Moreover, you could also get other furniture, such as a standing desk or corner workstation desk, that can adjust to limited space.

Different workstation options are available in the market if you’ve got limited space. Take the time to go through these options, particularly desks that multiple employees can use simultaneously, such as the 2-person workstation desk. Make use of our free space planning service to get help in properly visualising and manifesting your vision for your office.

Office Workstations For Sale In Perth

With more than 30 years of experience in the office furniture business, Direct Office Furniture is one of the most trusted office furniture suppliers in Perth and WA. We supply a wide range of office workstations that can fit your office environment.

You can access various pieces of office furniture like office chairs, desks, tables, and more. Here are some options from our range of office workstations.

Linear Workstations

Linear workstations are great if your office has ample open space. They work as a shared workstation but provide more privacy than traditional cubicles, which can be reconfigured to meet changing needs. They also promote collaboration by allowing employees to turn and talk to each other quickly.

These can help reduce noise levels in an open office by providing a sound barrier between employees. A linear workstation can be the perfect solution if you’re looking for private workstations with increased collaboration among employees in your office. 

Direct Office Furniture provides a linear setup of up to 8-person workstation desks.

Cluster/L-shaped Workstations

A cluster or L-shaped workstation may be the answer if you’re looking for an efficient way to use your office space. These office workstations are designed to fit into smaller spaces, making it simpler to maximise your use of available space. 

Cluster workstations are two or more desks arranged in an L-shape that allows for plenty of workspace while leaving room for other office furniture.

U-shaped Workstations

A U-shaped workstation offers many advantages over a traditional office desk workstation. For one, it provides more surface area for working, which can be especially beneficial if you use a laptop or have multiple monitors, as you’ll have plenty of space to spread out. 

Furthermore, U-shape workstations have a large workstation design that puts everything within easy reach, so you won’t have to waste time getting up and down to fetch items. And because the workstation is open on all sides, it also aids in collaboration. U-shape workstations are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a multipurpose office workstation desk.

Modular Office Workstations

Modular office workstations are versatile, prefabricated desks that use office space economically. Many businesses choose them because of the flexibility they allow without having to make big changes to the office layout or engage in costly renovations.

Direct Office Furniture has what you need if you’re looking for flexible, modular office workstation solutions. You can browse through all kinds of office workstations online and order whatever suits your specific needs directly to your doorstep. We only supply products made with high-quality materials and those that pass construction standards, so you can be assured that they will add much value to your business for a long time.

Call (08) 9322 2990 or contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail and discover more workstation desk options that better suit your needs, whether for your office or working from home.

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