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Office Workstation

The idea of creating office workstation has transformed in recent years because employers now are placing more value on their staff and well-being. By doing so, the corporate environment has witnessed the growth in productivity as well as job satisfaction among the staff.

Workstation cover a significant area in most offices and can also reflect their operational style. Apart from being functional, they carry the major theme of the whole office interior.

Workstation according to the job role.

Installing workstation according to the role and the personality of the staff and their departments is becoming a more relevant concept today. Some job roles require quiet workspaces while some require a more collaborative approach.

For example, creative employees like designers and writers possibly prefer quieter solo workspaces while those in client relations, human resource, and planning often prefer collaborative workspaces where they can communicate and work together.

Workstation and your office space

One might plan for the best workstation according to the interior and the staff, but it is also the area availability that one should also consider and design according to. If your office has limited space, then things can get complicated.

Finding the right furniture supplier for your office can help make this process a lot easier. You can find different options of workstation in the market that can work perfectly in limited spaces.

Workstation and your office interior

Workstation not only support the operations of your office but also reflect the spirit of your team. This is the reason why most people prefer all furniture to be consistent in colour and style. Since workstation generally cover the major areas of an office, they can be the key to driving the overall atmosphere of your office interior in a positive manner.

Office workstation at Direct Office

With more than 30 years of experience in the office furniture business, we are one of the most trusted office furniture suppliers in Perth and WA. We supply a range of office workstation that fit your office environment best.

We offer workstation options for the employees that require a quiet environment as well as larger workstation for a collaborative workspace.

Additionally, we also provide other furniture like office chairs, office desks, office tables, and much more that match your workstation and overall theme.

You can choose workstation of your demand from a range of options that are available with us.

Linear workstation: If your office has an open and big space, linear workstation are a great fit. Direct office provides a range of linear workstation that fit from two to eight people.

Cluster/L-shaped workstation: These types of workstation are best fit for offices with limited space. They make sure that you use every part of your office space to fulfil your workstation requirement.

U-shaped workstation: U-shaped workstation is also the best fit for offices with limited space. You can use the corners of your space effectively while installing U-shaped workstation

Modular workstation: Direct Office also provides modular workstation that you can use according to your needs. These workstation come in all shapes and sizes and according to your specific demands.

Why should you buy an office workstation from us?

FAST DELIVERY – We stock a massive range of office storage, ready for immediate dispatch.

EASY TO DEAL WITH – We have a sterling reputation of genuinely committing to our promises, earning repeated business year after year.

FACTORY DIRECT – We have been manufacturing high quality furniture for over 30 years. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal with the supplier directly and save money.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Direct office integrated in-house design, lean manufacturing, and importing divisions bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.