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FREE Space Planning & VR / 3D Render service


Presenting Direct Office’s FREE Space Planning service

If you’re planning to expand your office space or build an entirely new one, then designing the area and installing the right office furniture is imperative.

We realise that this exercise can be very daunting and it is difficult to know where to start.

We understand this need of yours, and to visualise and manifest your imagination, Direct Office is proud to offer a FREE Space Planning service with the use of Virtual Reality and 3D Renders.

Our highly skilled Sales Consultants here at Direct Office Furniture will create a detailed Floor Plan and if required, an exact 3D / VR animated video that will reflect your vision of the new office space you wish to create to provide peace of mind that the space will work as planned. Manual sketching and drawing cannot precisely replicate your ideas for the new office space. Therefore, Direct Office anticipated this need and now offers a more practical solution with the use of ‘Virtual Reality /3D Render’ technology.

Our Virtual Reality/ 3D Render initiative will showcase modern office furniture and storage systems that fit your new office space.

VR Gallery

Like what you see among office furniture in the VR video above ?

At Direct Office, we have different items for you to choose from a range of options that are all essential to carry out different business-related tasks and activities. You’ll find a wide range of office supplies, office accessories, and office organisation products in a variety of styles. With office accessories, you have the necessary tools to facilitate organisation and an improved environment.