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Office Shelves and Bookcases

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Office Shelving for an Organised Workspace Office shelving can go unnoticed when planning furniture fitouts for the workplace. However, we can't deny the difference that office shelves and bookcases bring to the office. An office shelving unit holds documents, folders, binders, books, etc. It also helps maintain the workflow by keeping everything within easy access. The benefits of office shelving are not limited to that. It keeps your workspace tidy and organised, which positively impacts the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Furthermore, office shelving can be used as a decorative unit to display small indoor plants and other accessories to enhance your office ambience, especially in the reception area.

Buy Office Shelves & Bookcases in Australia Online

Searching for an office shelf or a bookcase to organise your office? Direct Office Furniture has a large selection of premium office shelves & bookcases for various purposes. We offer above-desk options like the Alpha Desk Hutch Single and freestanding shelving like the Alpha Bookcase.

If you’re worried about the rest of the furniture not matching the shelves, we have the entire collection of office furniture comprising office chairs, desks, tables, modular workstations, storage units and so on. Have a look and pair the shelves with other pieces of furniture that best suit your workspace.

Have trouble deciding which office shelving to choose? Our experts will happily provide a consultation, including free space planning. It’s a delight for us to help you find the right furniture that best represents your brand.

How to Choose the Right Office Shelves and Bookcases

The first and foremost factor to consider when choosing office shelving is utility. How will you be using the shelves? Are you buying it to hold office supplies for everyone to reach easily, or will you store more important office documents for safekeeping? For the first scenario, open shelving like Rapidline Open Bay Shelving Unit would be a good choice. For the latter, secure pedestals work just fine.

The space available in your office is the second most crucial factor to consider. The size and type of bookcases you buy depend on the area you’re working with. Go for a big one with many compartments like Alpha Pigeon Hole Shelving Storage Unit if you have an entire wall to place the shelf, or get smaller ones if that’s best.

Every piece of furniture contributes to the aesthetics of the workspace. While comfort and functionality become the priority when choosing furniture, we can’t ignore style. The look of your office makes an impression on your potential clients, customers, employees, and visitors. The style of office shelving units you purchase shouldn’t clash with the overall aesthetic of your workspace. 

The material also plays a vital role in selecting office shelves and bookcases. You get office shelves in materials like wood and metal. Wood gives a classic vintage look to your workspace, while metal shelves exude a modern aura. If robustness is your priority, metal shelves would be the better fit.

The adjustability and mobility of the office shelving units become vital if you own a co-working space or work in a hybrid workspace that occupies a different set of workers at different times, and the requirements change accordingly. Adjustable shelving units and mobile shelving are the best in such situations.

#1 Office Furniture Outlet in Melbourne and Perth

Why settle for less when you can get the best at affordable prices? Add elegance and storage functionality to your office space by buying office selves and bookcases from Direct Office. We deliver quality office furniture to your place of business in Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia.

Be it for your organisational workspace, co-working facility, or simply a home office, you and your employees need not compromise with the design, quality, and comfort of our furniture.

With an extensive 30-year experience, Direct Office has witnessed the change in work cultures and workspaces, having transitioned thoroughly to offer you the furniture that the time demands. We also guarantee you the best pricing in the market as we design, manufacture and deliver each product ourselves which cuts off supplier commissions.

To find out more about our office shelves and other office furniture, call 1800 951 427 or contact us to relay your needs or queries directly to our experts.

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Why should you buy office shelves from us?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – we stock a huge range of office shelves ready for immediate dispatch.

✔ EASY TO DEAL WITH – product of a genuinely privately owned business commitment that forms the backbone of our operations. A reputation that has earned us repeat business year after year.

✔ FACTORY DIRECT – for over 30 years we have been manufacturing high quality office furniture. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal direct with the supplier and save money.

✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Direct Office integrates our in-house design, lean manufacturing & importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.