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Modern Trends In Office Layout Design

When one walks into a professional environment, the ambience and the feel the space offers is the first thing anyone notices. Additionally, an organised, efficient and modern space has proven to boost employee satisfaction while stimulating creativity, and increasing productivity and that is exactly why, in this day and age, there is a growing emphasis on modern office design trends. Office building trends have evolved tremendously over the decade, and now revolve around the ever changing dynamic and requirements of the corporate world. So, when deciding on the best office layout plans, it should tick all the boxes ensuring the well-being of all your employees while being functional, practical yet appealing.  

Today, we will be discussing major commercial and executive office design trends that have emerged and quickly gained popularity over the years. With the focus set on the well-being of employees, practicality, and functionality in mind, these office layout designs are definitely here to stay. The goal today is to help you identify the ideal space your business can adapt to and benefit from. Especially in today’s context where remote working has gained more popularity than ever, it is essential that we understand the current requirements and adapt accordingly. 

Flexible Modular Workspaces

Multipurpose designs have certainly made their way onto modern office landscapes as the need for a dynamic and flexible space has visibly surged . What we mean by this, is a corporate setting that can adapt and be customized according to the needs and requirements based on the employees presence, collaborative efforts and business demands. It usually comprises movable screens and dividers, lightweight furniture, multi-functional equipment and ergonomic elements that focuses on getting most out of the space available. This particular office trend allows complete transformation of any given room and its purpose to entirely something different while requiring seemingly less effort.

For example, a meeting room which fits a limited number of people can be expanded if required with moveable furniture, screens and walls. That same room can then be transformed completely to a single office space again with minimal effort. An office cubicle can be adjusted according to the requirement and preferences of the individual. The kitchen space can double as a meeting room when needed. This is definitely the epitome of innovation and is well on its way to become popularized and widely accepted office design trends. An integrated solution to a furniture-forward, ergonomic and real-time adjustment as required by your businesses. 

Comfort In Community

One of the major elements that most commercial office design trends miss out on is the comfort and welcoming factor that our personal homes offer us. With the current COVID-19 pandemic amongst us, the chances of going back to normal is uncertain. This kind of obstruction has affected not only the personal but professional lifestyles of the population globally. This is exactly why most employees now opt remote working as opposed to physically being in a professional space. In recent studies conducted by Zug, it was found that 70% of worldwide professionals work remotely or telecommute at least once a week and 53% for at least half of the week. Keeping this in mind, it is important for office buildings to adapt to the changing needs and requirements of their employees, especially in the era of digitization. This is where community centric modern office design trends come into play. 

With a growing emphasis on comfort at the workplace, businesses have now incorporated elements that give employees a sense of home and comfort even in a professional environment. This includes the addition of spaces dedicated to entertainment, community and collaborative activities. For example, you will find most offices now offer game rooms, welcoming and homely furniture, fitness areas, kitchens and more. These spaces offer the employees a satisfaction of being comfortable which has proven to boost office productivity and business perspective successfully. Focusing on the well-being of the employees will encourage them towards a sense of community and shared values and goals working in the favor of the business. 

Say Goodbye to Enclosed Spaces!

Traditional corporate space usually comprises individual cubicles dedicated to a certain individual or department. It was believed to be the key element for employees to focus and increase productivity. However, with new office trends taking over, it is now being replaced with open, modular and flexible spaces. Emphasizing more on collaborative efforts rather than individuality, it has now changed the way of how one perceives the essential of modern office trends. More and more corporations have also implemented the “hot desking” trend. This is where no one is assigned a space and the employees choose their respective space and the desk they would like to work from every-day. 

The freedom to choose their workspace according to where their headspace is and what they prefer for the day is definitely a great boost for productivity. This kind of infrastructure encourages collaborations within the team members and departments. For those individuals who opt to distance themselves, you can include shields, curtains, walls and dividers that are flexible and implement them to the employees requirements. 

While sustainability is not a new concept, it has certainly managed to make a noticeable difference and impact in the corporate sector for a while now. Keeping the well-being of community, employees and the environment in mind, it has now become almost a staple for most corporations. Most of them have initiated a green wall or the living wall approach which is simply a wall covered with live greenery. Additionally some have found a more creative approach to add a green presence through hanging horticulture, birds nest, ferns and more. This encourages a healthy atmosphere, and has proven to reduce stress among the ones who are around them. An integrated solution to promote concerns about the well-being of the environment and employees, this office trend definitely has a positive impact. 

Additionally, many have also chosen to incorporate sustainably obtained sources like stone walls and palettes, wooden structures and complimentary contemporary designs. With the growing popularity of these modern office design trends more designers now prioritize eco-friendly furnitures, bamboo and concrete finishings, recycled materials and so much more. Even going for a biophilic design (incorporating nature through natural lighting, use of colors and texture) and going out of their way to make a statement. 

Smart Offices

For offices and workspaces to expect efficiency, they need to realize the needs and requirements of their employees which is ever-changing. Especially in terms of innovation and technology it is drastically evolving. Therefore, the need for a workplace to accommodate their work requirements is definitely a necessity to ensure efficiency and productivity. A smart office is a key element for improving employee retention and productivity. A happy workplace also allows better engagement within the professional foundation. Smart, intuitive and adaptive is the main focus goal for these office trends. According to the latest research report on the market, the size of the smart office market is growing fast. By 2025, its global market size is projected to hit $77.11 billion AUD. 

With the incorporation of smart furniture, modern video monitoring systems, lighting and climate control, voice recognition, touch-free e and some corporations also including cloud based rewards and recognitions allows a better working environment. These are just a few examples of smart executive office trends that have been popularized in recent years. Enhancing the amenities that the workspace offers, these elements save time, energy while improving the company morale and value as well. 

Domesticated Customized Workspaces

As we have discussed earlier, the more welcoming and comforting the workspace, the better the productivity. This is why another modern office trend includes domesticated spaces that allow a feel to the professional place. In an effort to replicate the sense of working remotely or from home, many corporations are replacing traditional decorations and amenities to the ones that feel more domestic. Flower pots, kitchen supplies, throw pillows, rugs and rest areas are the common elements in these types of designs. Additionally spaces designed to replicate comfort space at home like reading nooks, kitchen and dining areas, luxury couches and more also add a sense of homely and welcoming atmosphere. While this is a fairly new concept, it certainly has the potential to change the perception of what the best office layout plans are.  

Smart Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are not always given enough attention which leads to the space being overwhelming, bulky, and unprofessional. This is the reason why smart storage is now a key element that offices have started to incorporate with their layout plans. And this trend is here to stay. Adding floating shelves, storage furniture, closets, mobile pedestals and cabinets throughout the room not only gives a way to keep things organized, but allows an effective way to maintain and optimize the professional space. A clutter-free, clean environment definitely helps the employees focus on their main task without being bothered by smaller trivial tasks as well. 

In Conclusion

In today’s context, more designs revolve around the sense of comforting ambience and the well-being of the employees. Collaborative effort with a modular touch to fit multiple purposes are also the key elements to the ongoing office trends. While most of these are based on current innovations and business requirement basis, we figure that these trends are definitely here to stay. Sustaining and revolutionizing the way we see office cultures and modern executive office layout designs, it certainly has evolved for the better. 

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