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Office Lounge Chair

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Office Lounge Chair

Who says you can’t get comfortable at work? In the contemporary workplace, office lounges have evolved to become a place where employees come together to share ideas and collaborate. It is no longer just a place to relax: it is also a hub for collaboration and coming up with innovative ideas. Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you are on a lunch break or simply relaxing at the office. Moreover, taking a break from a regular workstation and spending time in a casual environment helps put people’s minds at ease and assists in generating new ideas. With a cosy office lounge, employees won’t feel the need to leave the office to clear their minds. The right office lounge atmosphere can help employees to unwind, encourage socialising and build team spirit. Electronics, such as smartphones and laptops also offer unprecedented mobility, allowing professionals to work at their favourite place with ease. With a comfortable workspace, employees will feel like they are at home and help foster less stressful environments while working. For instance, there’s nothing quite like a residential-style lounge seating, such as the Ola Low Back Sofa. You can select from nine different colours and also include contrasting pillows and cushions to add some colours. If you want to make things more cosy and relaxed, consider adding something like a Boulder Ottoman to give people a way to rest their feet.

Bring Your Work to the Table

It’s an undeniable fact that teams struggle to be productive without proper surfaces to work on. Therefore, tables are one of the most significant must-haves for office lounges. Acti Tables and Momentum Rectangular Coffee Tables give offices a Scandinavian look and provide ample room for people to set down their electronic devices. The Modular Ottoman has dual purposes, serving as seating as well as a storage box to store your papers or personal items.

Comfort with Style

A comfortable seating area inspires and motivates your employees to work effectively, all while producing results. To create a casual lounge environment, the first step is to ensure there is the right type of seating. Compared to rigid chairs, soft lounge seating can give employees a relaxed approach to their tasks and bring out their artistic personality. Lounge seatings also respond to employees’ need for flexibility by providing a variety of seating options.

Benefits of Lounge Seating

When businesses are shifting their strategies to put more emphasis on innovation, office designers play a key role in creating the right environment to support creativity. A workplace must be able to support different work situations and interactions, such as collaboration time, personal time, extrovert work styles to introvert work styles. Offering various ranges of settings of work modes must accommodate different postures with various modern seating options available in the market.

Lounge postures are a crucial part of the mixture. They are seated or reclined that promotes casual feel, relaxed with no desk insight. By offering comfort and supporting freedom of movement, lounge seatings promote employee’s physical, cognitive and mental wellbeing.

1. It encourages creative thinking

Postures such as sitting with feet up nurture relaxation, which primes the brain to absorb ideas. Relaxed postures also encourage the mind to wander, which can lead to unexpected insights and observations. Moreover, the excitement that is felt when in a light mood is good for mental and emotional wellbeing. Thus, all reasons to kick back and relax!

2. It supports new ways people are working

Technology is now more portable than ever; people are finding innovative ways to get their work done. Lounge settings respond to an employee’s need by offering a mix of different seating options—for example, side tables for laptops and ottomans for those who like to keep their feet up.

3. Promotes personal connections

Lounge seatings promote social relationships in the workplace. Through accessibility and a calm environment, lounges make it easier for employees to strike up conversations and brainstorming sessions for ideas for solutions. It promotes a sense of belonging and fosters engagement when they are away from traditional desks.

4. Comfort

Residential-style aesthetics has become a popular trend for office seating. Spending the entire day within the four walls of the office, accompanied by your computer doesn’t make for the best mood. Therefore, to confront this, businesses promote employees to get up and move to refresh their mental wellbeing and agility. Adding a comfortable yet luxurious Elegance seater or soft cardinal chairs encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

As contemporary style offices evolve, setting the stage for lounge areas encourages employees to work together and share ideas in a refreshing environment. Direct Office Furniture offers a wide selection of lounge chairs, contact us today to help plan your ideal office lounge!

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