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3 Avoidable Mistakes Companies Make Buying Office Furniture

3 Avoidable Mistakes Companies Make Buying Office Furniture

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Office furniture tells your brand’s story. It’s more than just a ‘desk’ or ‘table.’ By investing in your office furniture, you’re increasing productivity. But it’s not always easy finding the right desk to suit all your employees. There’s no one-size-fits-all. This is where a lot of companies get it wrong.

If you’re updating your office design, keep in mind these common (and avoidable) mistakes.

You Don’t Know What Your Employees Need

Many companies struggle to understand what their employees require from an office workstation. All too often one way of working is ingrained in the company’s culture, there’s no room for adaptability. With large companies, it’s ‘easier’ to structure work in a specific way. A diverse workforce, however, requires multiple work modes to suit the wide range of people. Do your employees work best in an open plan, collaborative environment? If so, your office furniture should reflect this. Spend the time to understand when and where your team work best to increase productivity and reduce retention.

No Room For Flexibility

No business stays the same. Teams grow and shrink. Clients come and go. Offices become too small, too big. Your office furniture needs to change as your business does. Working in solitude, in office cubicles, is becoming a thing of the past. More dynamic, fluid workstations are now required. Technology is changing not only how we work, but when. Employees are coming and going often, as more companies are allowing flexible hours, working remotely. Make sure your furniture can be easily moved and rearranged to suit the growth.

Choosing The Cheapest Option

One word: Ikea. Now, we’re not knocking these mainstream furniture brands. The problem is, people choose quantity over quality. Companies choose the cheapest office furniture instead of thinking about the needs of the individual using it. But, ergonomic chairs and furniture encourages more productive employees – and time is money. With less frequent repairs needed, you’ll get more from paying a little bit extra upfront. It’s okay to look for affordable furniture, but focus on features not price.

ergonomic furniture
ergonomic chair

Buying Office Furniture?

You need a plan, a budget, and a good understanding of your employees. Get to know their preferred work modes and adapt your office furniture accordingly.

The only way to find the perfect furniture is to get it custom made. We have a wide range of office desks, from flat packs to custom built in our own factory. We’ll work with you to tailor your workstations to suit the needs of your team.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your office furniture to the last minute. When designing a workspace, it’s the most important thing. Just think about how many hours your people sit down. Make sure your furniture is encouraging productive workers.

There’s a desk for every need – computers, corners, executive offices, office reception areas, and standing workstations.

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Download this FREE Cheat Sheet and get foolproof tips on the most important things to be aware of when ordering furniture for your office online.