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Corner Office Desks

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Looking to Buy Corner Office Desks in Australia Online?

Modern office furniture brightens your workspace. If you have a small office, you want to make use of every little space you have. Since Direct Office’s furniture comes in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, you no longer have to worry about the furniture fitting into your office space. These corner office desks and adjustable corner desks can significantly maximise your available workspace. Our range of corner desks comes in a large variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit your office desk needs. A corner desk setup is an excellent option if you have a home office. Utilising every little space is essential when you have a small workspace to work with. If you have storage problems, you can’t go wrong with a little more storage space if you equip your home office with corner tables and shelves. Direct Office provides a wide range of corner desks in Australia for home office setups as well as your traditional office setups.

Features of Quality Corner Office Desks

When looking for a new desk, it’s vital to consider the features you need. All desks are different, and even corner desks come in various styles and designs. The size also varies, so you must remember that you only have a certain amount of space to work with. Whether you’re shopping for a home office or a traditional office space, here are some of the features that should be helpful.


If you’re about to buy corner desks for your office, one of the things to consider is privacy. As corner desks are tucked in the corner, it does not require employees to face each other. This allows them to have privacy to complete their tasks. However, you can enhance the privacy factor even further by choosing a desk that allows the use of partitions or dividers for extra privacy.

Some modern corner desks are made for two or more people and already come equipped with a divider in the middle. However, if you’re designing a larger office space, there may be some scope to install other partitions if the desks allow for it.


Create a perfect office work environment by choosing decorative corner desks. Corner L-Desks are available in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, giving you style in a compact package. You will love a new corner desk personalised for your exact needs.

If you want corner desks for the home office, it’s even more important to have something that looks nice. The home office environment should always be comfortable and visually pleasing, as it makes it so much easier to work from home.


Use overlooked space to its fullest by using a corner or L-shaped office desk. You can keep your workspace tidy and organised by placing office accessories in the right place. When you work in a small office, every bit of space counts. Choose desk shapes, such as U-desks, L-desks, and other corner desks to best fit your office.

Best of all, you can find a corner desk with shelves or a convenient space underneath for a mobile set of drawers. This way, you can take even more advantage of the room and have less wasted space.

Benefits of L-Shaped Desks and Corner Workstations

There are several benefits to choosing a corner office desk in Australia. Naturally, they are a great fit for rooms where the corner is mostly unused. But there are plenty of other benefits to a corner workstation that you may not have even considered.

Maximising your office space

The most apparent advantage of an L-shaped table is its space-saving design. In addition, the modern corner desk design allows you to use room corners well. Making two distinct work areas on a single L-shaped table is also possible.

If you’re short on space, that’s okay too. Direct Office provides small corner desks so you can maximise the space in any room. So whether it’s a sprawling, busy office or a home office, we’ve got the space-saving office furniture products you need.


With L-shaped desks, you can have a computer desk on one side and a workstation on the other. This makes multitasking easier and improves productivity. L-shaped desks also can naturally form a cubicle where there aren’t any existing walls.

Another benefit is the ability to use multiple screens. With more ample desk space at your disposal, you can set up a second monitor, which has become popular in many modern offices.


The adjustable L-shaped Corner Desks also benefit your health with their ergonomic design. The customisation allows you to set it to your desired height, ensuring you have the most productive work, whether sitting or standing.

Manual or electronic height adjustment also means anybody can use the desk. Naturally, if you have specific settings that benefit you, you should find a way to mark the desired height, so it’s easy to adjust. Plus, other people can use your corner office desk without causing major problems.

Perfect for the home office

If you’ve started working from home more frequently, as so many people have in recent years, you’ll know how tricky it can be to set up a home office. You’re often overtaking a spare bedroom or storage space that wasn’t initially built as an office. So, a little innovation might be required with an office corner desk.

Rather than use workstations that don’t fit the room, look for ways to incorporate a corner desk. Then, you’ll have more desk space without losing room space.

Popular Types of Corner Desks

If you’ve already decided that a corner work desk is for you, it’s time to consider the type you’d prefer. Direct Office has a wide range of desks to suit all spaces, large and small. Here are some of the more popular types of corner desks Australia has to offer.

Sit-stand corner desks

Sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as people realise the benefits of moving more while at work. Spending too much time sitting can cause a range of health issues such as back pain, posture problems, headaches and much more.

Why take the risk? A sit-stand corner desk can be moved either manually or electronically up and down. Not only can you get the perfect seated working height to improve your posture, but you can also stand up and work for periods of the day. Even the act of sitting and standing regularly can help alleviate a lot of the health problems that office workers experience.

Standard corner workstations

Of course, you can also opt for a more standard corner workstation that doesn’t move. If you’re comfortable sitting while working, a sturdy corner desk with basic features might be all you need. They are a more cost-effective option, but they still look great and help you maximise your work area.

Cluster desks

Cluster desks aren’t limited to the corner. However, they are definitely a great space-saving idea. Clusters generally have a divider in the middle, allowing two people to share the workspace. Larger cluster desks can accommodate 4 people. In large, busy offices, these desks are a great way to maximise space and still provide the right balance between privacy and an open, collaborative workplace.

Buy a Corner Desk in Australia From Direct Office

With Direct Office, you receive affordable prices because we avoid the middleman by having our own factory in Perth and Melbourne through which we manufacture our products. You have access to an expansive range of office furniture items that are of very high quality. No matter where you are in Australia, we can deliver through various fast and safe shipping options.

Call 1800 951 427 or start a chat with one of our consultants (in the bottom right-hand corner) to discuss your requirements. We are happy to help you build an aesthetically pleasing and highly productive office for taking your business to the next level.

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Why Buy a Corner Office Desks from Direct Office?


At Direct Office, we offer a huge range of all the furniture you need to accomplish your office activities. Our office desks, chairs, and all pieces of furniture are trendy, modern, and comfortable to use. You can even use it to decorate and create an aesthetic office. Whether you need a white corner desk or an adjustable desk, we have an option for any nature of the office.

Corner & L Shaped Desks are common in offices for their large space. Direct Office Furniture supplies many Australian-made corner & l-shaped desks, from locally made Alpha Corner Desk through to the popular flat-packed Studio Corner Desk. We recommend you combine the products with our mobile pedestals and executive office chairs for the best results.

Our experienced staff and customer support know everything to help you find the right furniture. If you find something you like, but want it in different colours, sizes and materials, then we can customise it for you. Call us, or start a chat with one of our consultants, and we will get back to you soon.