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Buy Office Desk Dividers in Australia Online

When dividing up an open office, the correct choice of office screens is critical, especially when it comes to the height & size of the products. If too high, then you can reduce collaboration between team members. If too low, then acoustics & privacy can become an issue. Make sure you know your employee needs to make sure you get what’s right for you.

Types of Desk Divider Screens

You can use many types of screens in an office to add an element of privacy to workstations while maintaining an open-plan space for people to collaborate freely. Here are some of our most popular types of desk divider screens.

Desk Partition

Installing partitions can create separate spaces for people to meet and work. They offer acoustic protection and allow people a sense of privacy in their work areas. They are bigger than standard divider screens for desks, so they are often used to block off larger areas. However, you can certainly use them as permanent desk partitions too.

Desk Divider Screen

When space is an issue, it’s often common for desks to be placed close together. Using a desk divider screen in the middle can block out noise and distractions, giving each worker the privacy they need. Direct Office has a massive range of desk divider privacy screens in various configurations, so we can always provide you with something that suits your individual office needs.

Mobile Office Divider Panel

Sometimes your office needs a bit of a change, meaning you need to create new work areas or provide divider screens in different parts of the office. Mobile panels are great for this, and they come in pinboard, whiteboard or regular screens.

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