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Office Straight Desks

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Looking to Buy Straight Desks in Australia Online?

Modern office furniture brightens your workspace. If you have a small office, you want to make use of every little workspace you have. You will no longer have to worry if the furniture will fit into office space as our furniture comes in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. These straight office desks and adjustable straight desks can significantly maximise your available workspace. Our range of straight desks come in a large variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit your office desk needs. If you have a home office then a straight desk setup is a great option. Utilising every little space is important when you have a small workspace to work with. If you have storage problems, the versatile Straight Desk option is the perfect choice. Direct Office provides a wide range of straight desks in Perth for home office setups as well as your traditional office setups.

Features of Quality Straight Desks

1. Privacy: As straight desks are modular, they can be placed in myriads of different layout options. They are also, very easily combined with Office Partitions / Screens for the ultimate private workspace.

2. Aesthetics: Straight Desks are available in a variety of designs from traditional to contemporary, giving you style in a compact package. Straight desks can be tailored for your exact needs.

3. Space-Saving: As Straight Desks are modular, the most space efficient configurations are simple to create. You can keep your workspace tidy and organised by placing office accessories in the right place. When you work in a small office, every bit of space counts.

Benefits of Straight Desks 

The Straight Desk is a very versatile piece of Office Furniture and is understandably the most common style of desk used globally. The Straight Desks come in several different sizes and leg styles which means that it can be utilitised in pretty much any workspace (home or office).

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Why Should You Buy Straight Desks from us?


✔ FAST DELIVERY – We stock a massive range of straight desks, ready for immediate dispatch.


✔ EASY TO DEAL WITH – We have a sterling reputation of genuinely committing to our promises, earning repeated business year after year.


✔ FACTORY DIRECT – We have been manufacturing high-quality furniture for over 30 years. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal with the supplier directly and save money.


✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Direct Office integrated in-house design, lean manufacturing and importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.