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Wide Collection of Reception Chairs It takes just one quick glance for someone to create a first impression of your office, whether positive or negative. The reason why people emphasize the importance of first impressions is that they last beyond that specific moment. Therefore, it is crucial to leverage first impressions positively, so that visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

The lounge area of your office represents your company’s brand value, ethos and culture. Visitors can pick up on cues from the colour palette, furnishing, lighting and signage used at your premises. Just as a face represents a person, the reception area can be thought of as the ‘face of your business’. A welcoming reception space contributes to happier employees and also uplifts the clients’ mood.

A great way to start is by furnishing your reception area with comfortable reception chairs. Seating plays an important role to make waiting less tedious and uncomfortable for visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to pick reception chairs that provide cosy seating and promote relaxation. You can select different designs of chairs to accommodate varying preferences and make waiting a little more interesting. Furniture comes in different shapes and styles. From traditional to transitional, you can select just the right type of style to represent your brand. Browse a wide selection of office furniture at Direct Office to suit your business style.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Different people have different needs and prefer different styles. Consider the reception area as a blank canvas that can be filled with endless possibilities to create the ideal space for occupants. For instance, if your business represents youthfulness and creative minds, don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture to represent this. The Elegance sofa is cleverly designed with comfort, style and luxurious padded seats. You can incorporate it with colourful or patterned cushions to create a creative ambience. Additionally, you can also add the Delphi Plus Chair which caters for a broad range of people and different user sizes. For maximum comfort, select units with padded backrests and seats. A fully upholstered chair like the Elegance single also completes the lounge for an executive look.

As sofas provide unmatched style and comfort, they can also accommodate many people. Sofas, tub chairs, and single-seaters serve as the ideal lounge seating and offer a relaxing feel to the reception spaces. However, if your space doesn’t serve you the right purpose with lounge seating, consider office benches. Benches, tandems, and beam seats are excellent options for reception areas, and they don’t have to be boring too! The Eko Beam and Unica Beam complements your minimum space and comes in many colours. The Unica also comes in different base options such as the swivel, sled of beam seat, and provides maximum seating capacity. These are super easy to move and store even in smaller areas.

Consider Frame and Upholstery Materials

Metal and wood are the common materials used for the frames of reception chairs. Wooden chairs are not only sturdy but also provide you with a traditional look. These warm, earthy elements also make you feel at home. They are best for contemporary, traditional, and transitional decors. If you want to elevate your lounge area, select wood grain finishes for an overall conventional feel. Introduce Sienna 2 Seater Lounge and Leo Tub Chair to add a touch of vintage style to your traditional interior. Chairs with metal frames are robust and best for modern interiors. The Bronte Visitor Chair or Gemina Visitor Chair finishes your look for the ultimate industrial style.

Upholstery elements include leather, faux leather, fabric, vinyl and mesh. These materials can be used for various guest seating. Leather is a premium and supple material. Leather seats are best for executive lounges or reception areas that receive limited visitors. Not to forget that faux leather and vinyl look like genuine leather. They are considerably affordable and easier to maintain. The non-porous surfaces also make them stain resistant. Mesh and fabrics are breathable materials. Fabrics are soft and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Mesh has a muslin-cloth like surface which increases airflow and keeps visitors cool during waiting hours.

As the leading furniture manufacturers and suppliers in Australia, Direct Office makes sure you are provided with the best product at the best price possible. We are committed to delivering your furniture to your doorsteps as fast as possible. Contact us and purchase your furniture directly from the factory!

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