The Key to an Office Redesign

An office redesign project can positively impact the way your business runs. By adjusting your space to the needs of your team, you’ll create an environment that improves productivity.

It’s getting close to the end of the year, so why not start planning your redesign for when your team starts back in 2018?

Transform your workspace

Just like if you were designing a shop or commercial space, there’s a number of things you need to consider.

They include:

  • How your employees perceive the space
  • The type of activities that need to get done
  • Functionality and effectiveness of the current area
  • Brand values and brand perception of the workplace
  • Effectiveness of employee communication and change management.

Do you have two employees working on a project together but their office desks are on opposite sides of the room? Is your most social employee sitting with their face to the wall? Ask yourself these type of questions.But of all things you should be exploring, there’s one detail that will help guide your decisions. That is, how does your space reflect your company’s culture. Step back and look at your office objectively. See all of the people in your team and observe how they work. Start brainstorming ideas and encourage your team to include their perspectives.

Flexibility and adaptability are key in modern offices. Does your current furniture allow for this? As your business grows (and downsizes), your office should follow suit. What about the interior decoration. How does it speak to your customers and employees?

Unplug & Turn Off

Encourage your staff to utilise stand-by power modes when they’re not at their office workstations. There’s no need for screensavers or monitors to stay on overnight. It’s wasting energy for no reason. When in use, turn down the brightness settings.

Space, Privacy & Employee Behaviours

Do you hold regular meetings, conferences or training sessions? If so, it’s important to invest in flexible furniture. For example, pieces with stackable components such as office chairs.

What’s the average age of your team? If you employ a high number of young people, they’ll have different needs and expectations. Millennials favour flexible working scenarios and break-out areas. Striking that work/life balance is extremely important. Baby boomers, however, tend to be more comfortable working in cubicles, autonomously.

There can be room for both with the right design. It simply takes some forethought and placing importance on how your office is organised. Don’t rush the process. Your design plays a critical role in the success of your business.

Start Your Office Redesign Project

Is your office cramped? Have you had the same design since you moved into the space? It’s time to renew the look and personality of your office. We can help you, both with products and advice.

Talk to us about our various modular workstations and how you can design your office – to achieve that perfect balance between functionality and beauty.