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Why Lighting is an Important Factor in Office Design

Lighting is an important component of office design. But it’s something that’s often overlooked. It’s not really the ‘sexy’ part of transforming an office. You’re probably more concerned about the brand of coffee machine than lighting.

But, giving your employees plenty of light to work affects productivity levels. If you’re moving office, now is the great time to consider your lighting needs. This can be done at any time though, whether you’re shifting or not. It’s a worthwhile investment of your time.

Here’s a few things to consider when designing your office lighting.

Reduce Reflections & Glare

There’s nothing worse than trying to focus on work with that afternoon glare hitting your screen. To minimise the reflections of direct lighting, either reposition your desks or add a decorative curtain or drape to your windows. Investing in blinds is also a great idea.


Achieve a layer of illumination by allowing spots lit by a single fixture to overlap. This will bring about a relaxed atmosphere in your office. It gives your employees the greatest level of light, without it being distracting or too much.

Natural Light

Windows are secret motivation boosters in offices. It gives your employees something to look out to, as well as natural light. This also helps to positively affect their mood and behaviours in a way that artificial light can’t. Of course, windows aren’t always a given in offices, but make the most if you have access to them. Consider the layout of your office furniture.

Placement Of Lights

How do your employees work? What areas of your office do they hang-out in? This will affect where you place the lights. Overhead lighting, for example, can add a little more illumination for say, architects or designers, during the creation process. In other spaces, one main room light and sunlight will be sufficient. If you have workers who pull the late shift, think about adding individual lights.

Creating ambience can also help motivation and productivity in your workers. If you’ve noticed your team is constantly stressed out, think about the surroundings. Ambient lighting has a low intensity that can create a peaceful, relaxing environment, as opposed to harsh fluorescents.

Think about your lighting from a health perspective. Is it straining your employee’s eyes? What can you do better? If so, what products will best suit this?

Update Your Office Design. Start With Lighting.

Embrace windows and skylights wherever possible. Natural light is your best friend. And when your space is lacking light, be creative with ways to include it. Consider energy-efficient styles so you can save money at the same time. There’s plenty of stylish LED globes on the market today.

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