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Ergonomic Office Chairs

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Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs in Australia?

With the continuous rise of health and posture-related issues among office workers caused by improper sitting, the need for suitable seating and support is crucial. Anyone working in a desk-bound role understands the experience of having to sit 8 hours a day in an uncomfortable chair and how it affects productivity & wellness. Investing in quality chairs dramatically improves employees' comfort, however, a good chair isn't just about comfort. It has an extensive impact on the productivity of workers and the efficient operation of a workplace. A simple solution is to invest in quality and comfortable chairs. Enhance the physical and mental well-being of the employees with ergonomic office chairs from the Direct Office. Our ergonomic furniture makes sure your posture is safe and upright to reduce stress on the neck, spine, and hips. They fit any body type and adjust the physical needs of the occupant. Revolutionise your workspace with the best quality office chairs in Australia.

Features of the Right Ergonomic Office Chair

Adjustable Seat Height

The best way to make sure you’re sitting comfortably at your desk is by choosing the one that has an adjustable seat height. 40-55 centimetres of seat height above the floor is optimum for most people to rest their feet flat on the ground comfortably. Easily adjustable seat height is a crucial feature.

Seat Width and Depth

Office chairs have adequate seat width and depth to comfortably support the occupant. The seat depth of 5-10 centimetres is optimal to maintain the correct posture. It encourages best thigh support while preventing any pressure behind the knees.

Lumbar Support

Some chairs are specifically designed to offer lumbar support for the lower back. This feature protects the lumbar spine from possible complications, prevents slouching, promotes proper sitting position, and enhances blood circulation to help you feel more relaxed at work.


Proper backrests support the spine’s natural curvature. The backrest angled at 90-100° to the seat is optimal for proper back support. In addition, it should be able to recline up to 120-130° for leaning back and stretching. A locking system to secure the backrest once the occupant has determined an appropriate position is an important feature.


Adjustable armrests help reduce strain on the shoulders, wrists and the tendency to slouch. It allows the arms to rest comfortably and the shoulders to be relaxed. However, one must avoid using armrests while typing as it reduces overall arm movement, increases wrist movement, and leads to forearm muscle strains.

Direct Office offers you chair options without arms to help prevent these types of work-related repetitive strain injuries.


An office chair with a headrest reduces tension in the shoulders and upper torso by supporting the back of the head and the upper neck.


The swivel and wheels in office chairs ensure mobility. The swivel makes different points of desks accessible without much straining, while the wheels help you quickly move around your workstation. Mobility in office chairs prevents minor strain injuries caused by leaning over.

Breathable Upholstery

Materials play an essential part in the making of a good office chair. As longer hours are spent on chairs, finding a chair upholstered in a breathable mesh is best. A mesh office chair increases airflow and keeps the surface from being too warm. Mesh upholstery is also smoother and less itchy, making it the ideal choice for office chairs.

Benefits of Using Ergonomic Office Chair

With most people working from home these days, the importance of investing in a good chair can’t be overstated. Yet, many underestimate the advantages of ergonomic furniture and opt for the cheapest option possible. Employees spend a lot of time working, so it’s vital to invest in the best office chair to enjoy its benefits fully.


Provides Comfort

The right kind of chair makes all the difference regarding how comfortable you feel during your workday. Mesh office chairs are designed with comfort in mind, such as support for the back, head and arms, letting you make the most of your work hours.

Encourages Proper Posture

Traditional chairs often encourage leaning over your desks which leads to poor posture. However, ergonomic chairs are adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. For instance, you can adjust your seat height, recline the backrest, and modify the seat’s depth. A feature which prevents you from slouching and make sure you sit with the correct posture.

Promotes Employee Wellness

As we have continuously highlighted the importance of ergonomics, the way your employees sit at their desks directly impacts their health. Awkward positions strain your body and cause discomfort and fatigue. It may lead to health risks like back and neck pain in the longer term.

Thus, when you invest in your employee’s wellness through ergonomic furniture, it shows that you care about them. Employees who feel appreciated show higher workplace happiness and overall well-being rates.

Improves Productivity

With all the positive effects of innovative furniture designs, one of the most desired outcomes is increased employees’ productivity. An ergonomically designed chair promotes good posture, improves blood circulation and provides more oxygen to the brain and body organs which helps to be more mentally alert and active.

Employees thrive and feel happier in the workplace when the furniture pieces they use are comfortable and practical. Like a well oiled-machine, healthy employees mean a commitment to working well and generating quality results.

Get The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Australia

Direct Office has provided high-quality furniture in Melbourne, Perth and other parts of Australia for over three decades. We have a wide selection of ergonomic chairs to meet all your office needs. You can have it all from Aveya Chair, ideal for a modern yet simple office, to the Executive Chair for a professional office set-up.

Having received numerous positive reviews from happy customers, we guarantee you the delivery of the finest ergonomic chairs. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse our website to purchase the most comfortable and stylish ergonomic chair that perfectly fits your workspace. 

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Why Should You Buy Ergonomic Office Chairs From Us?

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