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Are you looking to add modern, comfortable office desk in Perth to enhance your work environment? The environment where you work impacts how you feel and perform. An investment in quality office furniture is an investment in your whole business. Keep every employee in comfort while they work on their productive tasks. Simple effort to add supportive ergonomic office chairs will make your employees much appreciative, resulting in a boost in their performance. Office desks are a key part of any office furniture. Office desks provide awesome opportunities to add a new element, creativity, and personality to your office space. The office desks made by our designers make sure you get the furniture that matches every workspace. Ready to create that space? Make a few considerations before you shop for office desks.

Work and Collaborate in Good Office Desks

1. Ergonomic

Choose office desks keeping ergonomics in mind. The size of office desks should complement the chairs to avoid having back or lumbar pain. Also, you will feel more productive while working in comfortable desks.

2. Material

Durability and longevity of furniture depend on the quality of the material used while making the furniture. Materials, techniques and finishes characterise quality furniture. Some office furniture lasts longer than other materials. It is better to invest in quality furniture upfront than to repurchase it later.

3. Style

Office furniture sparks interest in your office. You want to choose furniture that looks professional and are of high quality. You can create any ambience in the office by selecting quality furniture of your choice. Our office furniture expands from contemporary to traditional and functional to luxurious. Our furniture is sleek and also has a polished design.

4. Purpose

The office desk need to be flexible, collaborative, efficient, and creative. We design and develop new furniture ranges in various finishes to meet changing and demanding office requirements.

Office Desks For An Inspirational and Productive Environment

Who does not love variety? With ranges of styles and categories, you can choose office desks that suit any work environment. Don’t limit yourself only on websites showing few chairs that rarely feel good. Listed below are the different categories of office desks available in Direct Office.

Adjustable and Standing Office Desks

Research shows that switching between sitting and standing has health benefits. So why not try these innovative sit-stand desks in your company?

The benefits of height-adjustable work surfaces and alternating between sitting and standing at work include:

– Decreases musculoskeletal discomfort of upper body regions.

– Accommodates employees of various heights, body shapes and those with back conditions.

– Reduces pain in spinal shrinkage.

Computer Desk

A dependable computer desk is necessary for any office space.
You can find desks with drawers to store your files or desks with extra shelves to keep any books or materials close to you. You can even find computer desks with adjustable heights so you can sit or stand in front of your computer.

Corner Desk

Space constraint makes it difficult to put desks in your office. Opt to corner desks provides an extra level of space in the office. Corner desks are available in different shapes, but L-shaped corner desks are the most common ones. Other corner desks are full-sized corner desks. They have multiple cabinets with bountiful storage.

Executive Office Desk

An executive chair combines luxurious comfort with exceptional style. Many of these products also have ergonomic features that offer firm support when you’re working long hours at a desk. These chairs have extra padding, which provides added comfort.

Reception Desk

The first thing visitors notice when they come to your office is the reception area. Customers might perceive your office space with overall work performance. Of-course this does not mean you have to add an expensive reception desk.

What visitors appreciate is not how your office looks but more on how functional your office works. How was their experience while staying in your office? Reception desks are most helpful when customers have to do transactions or write on documents.

Ready to shop for Office Desk in Australia?

You need office desks to perform daily activities in the office. That’s where Direct Office Furniture comes in. Our furniture is well-made and built for an intended purpose at a great price point.

Shop our versatile and stylish office desks to add that extra touch to your whole office look. These desks work for changing the work environment of any office.

You can use our furniture on their own or combine it with other products. And they reflect new workplace trends too. Mix and match any colours to create a workspace tailored to your needs.

Love our office desks but want them in different colours, finishes and sizes? Let us know your requirements and we will customise the desks for you. Our office expands in different locations in Australia. To find out more information on our office desks in Perth and Australia, call us on (08) 9322 2990, or start a chat with one of our consultants.

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Why Should You Buy Office Desks From Us?


✔ FAST DELIVERY – we stock a huge range of office desks ready for immediate dispatch.


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✔ FACTORY DIRECT – for over 30 years we have been manufacturing high quality office furniture. Why deal with a 3rd party when you can deal direct with the supplier and save money.


✔ CUSTOM SOLUTIONS – Direct Office integrates our in-house design, lean manufacturing & importing divisions to bring you a truly custom solution for your office space.