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How to Improve Productivity by Choosing the Right Workstation

Written by Direct Office / June 7th, 2017

Want to double office productivity? Install a two-person work station. Ok, while doubling up on your desks might not result in exactly double the results, but it certainly helps.

Walk into a modern, forward-thinking company’s office. Google Facebook’s or Uber’s office layout. You’ll see just how much thought they give to open plan areas and maximising their space. Two-person work stations are a great way to get the most of out your space and create a space for your employees to truly collaborate.

Support your employees with a great office work station

Boost staff productivity, create positive energy, and take care of your employee’s health by investing in the right workstation. The secret is in the details in finding the right furniture ‘fit.’

Just think about how much thought you give to the look and feel of say, your bed. The quality of your bed determines how good your sleep is. The same goes for your office workstation. Your employees spend the same amount of time sitting down during the day.

If you want to increase productivity and motivation in your office, explore these factors:

  • The size & space
  • What type of people do you have working in the office? If they’re younger, social and their roles require working in teams, two-person workstations can be beneficial. Think about the physical look, size, and style of the workstations. Is there enough space for a desktop computer? What about the distance from the multimedia screen. Check that the workstation can fit where you want it to go.

  • The usage
  • Make sure the tasks they will be doing match the workstation. Keep in mind the working habits of the people who will have their ‘bums in seats.’ Are they neat or tidy? Do you need a workstation with storage? Once you know who will be using the space, this helps to work out how to maximise productivity in the space.

  • The look
  • Of course, keep in mind the look you’re trying to achieve and how the workstation matches your company’s ethos. For a modern and innovative vibe, steel desks can give off that feeling. Quirky, personable brands might choose a wooden scheme with a vintage style.

    To make the most out of your workstations, it’s good to keep your vision and values at the forefront of your mind. Are there any big projects coming up that require a new, unique way of working? The furniture you choose is a platform for how your team engages, communicates, and coordinates tasks. An open plan with two-person workstations can help achieve this.

    Talk to us if you want to learn more about the benefits of doubling up on your desks. We have a range of two-person workstations to add to your office. Our solutions are simple, organised, and economical, with a focus on ergonomic design.

    Double the desk, double the fun.

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