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Does Office Furniture Affect Team Productivity?

Does Office Furniture Affect Team Productivity?

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Furniture is considered the centre-piece of any institution, like a house, business space or office. As we discuss in our Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide, buying the right set of furniture is crucial to having a productive office space. However, we suggest looking at the finer details of increasing productivity. Therefore, during this article, we discuss the finer details of increasing your team productivity at your workplace.

In a broad sense, furniture refers to any transferable object that supports various activities, such as seating, sleeping, relaxing, or holds and stores items. In a modern office setting, furniture plays a crucial role in setting an ideal ambience and giving a safe, relaxing atmosphere for all the occupants. Moreover, it plays an essential role in motivating and improving the work productivity and efficiency of employees. 

On average, Australians spend nearly 10 hours a day sitting on a chair! We spend most of our time sitting and it is vital to have comfortable furniture. Each piece of office furniture adds up to make significant differences in boosting productivity, promoting collaboration and helps focus the mind to complete the job. Disorganised and unoptimised office furniture can have adverse effects on employees health. Therefore, how office furniture affects team productivity in the workplace is a more extensive topic for discussion than we might think. 

Ergonomics Are They Worth It?

Ergonomics cater to the needs of people by supporting their body types in different seating positions. Office ergonomics plays a crucial role in increasing productivity and is designed to lessen the discomfort by catering to the occupant’s needs. Employees spend most of their time sitting and hence a proper support system for their body is vital. Proper seating also reduces distractions, allowing the employees to focus on their work.

There are many ways to incorporate ergonomics into your workplace, and office chairs are a great place to begin! 

There are various types of  ergonomic chairs such as task chairs which are fully adjustable, to high back chairs that come with generous seat sizes. Ergonomic chairs come in a wide variety of customisable features such as in-built lumbar support, seat depth, seat tilt, and armrest adjustments. Investing in ergonomic chairs can improve employee’s postures as well as improve blood circulation which keeps them fresh and energised throughout the day. 

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Mobility also plays a vital role in employee productivity. As stated, continuing to stay active in an office can also help increase energy levels. Thus, one of the easiest ways to foster more movement in the workplace is by including a height-adjustable desk. This promotes better posture and allows employees to effortlessly change their posture. 

Additionally, great ergonomics comes in the tiniest details. Chairs and desks definitely play an important role to maintain good posture, increase energy, and improve productivity. But, you can add extra comfort and increase efficiency with accessories such as adjustable monitor arms, footrests, chair mats, and adjustable computer mouses. These office accessories also add an extra impact on employee efficiency by addressing neck discomfort, ankle and wrist.

Spacious and Effective Storage Solutions

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As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”, a neat and tidy space helps reduce distractions and promotes a focused mind. Cluttered spaces can be mentally draining, and it takes a lot of energy to work in such an environment. An article by Officeworks details that a “cluttered space competes against our to-do lists for our attention”. Effective storage spaces can promote tidy spaces and allow employees to work efficiently. 

Office storage is a necessity for organising documents and managing personal items such as books, awards, art, and so on. Storage spaces also make regular operations beneficial, as files and folders are managed in order. Office storage comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours to fit your needs and functionality. 

There are many customisable as well as ready-to-deliver options that let you tailor your office needs and workstyle. Direct Office offers contemporary and traditional style in varying sizes to fit for any space and user. From a wide range of options, you can choose from filing cabinets, office drawers, office lockers to mobile pedestals. You can also take an extra step by hiding those tangled cords and cables to minimize visual clutter in the space.

Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working has been a trending topic in every industry of late.  Australia is the leading country to adopt activity-based working. Activity-based working promotes a flexible working environment. It allows the employees the option to select their workspace as they engage in different activities. The basic idea is to create a workspace that is designed for a specific activity, such as, collaboration, to increase employee efficiency. 

As millennials are expected to surpass the Gen X generation in the percentage of the workforce soon, the number of millennials and Gen Z are expected to rise. Hence, incorporating new ideas and innovations increases your company’s credibility and reputation as well. The work environment is rapidly progressing so is the need to increase employee satisfaction.

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Therefore, by introducing flexible work culture, you can bring productivity, motivation and exchange of knowledge and skills to the forefront of your company. For instance, DirectOffice’s workstations can be installed according to the role and personality of the employee. You can find workstations that give you complete privacy as well as a bigger station for a collaborative approach.

Set the Environment

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One of the main benefits of having multi-functional furniture is it helps promote employee wellness and overall well being. The office ambience will have a direct impact on the productivity and overall well being of the employees. The key aspect is to nurture relaxation and calm space for the employees, however, they want it. 

A study found that the presence of natural light reduced eye strain and head pains while improving employee’s energy levels. In fact, a Harvard study also found that an employee’s performance can increase by 70% when working in natural light. Hence, you can opt for various window coverings that help filter out heat and harmful rays and utilise natural light.

Additionally, Biophilia is an emerging concept that plays an instrumental role in improving the wellbeing of employees and boosting their productivity. Biophilia refers to the fact that humans have an instinctual bond with nature. As mindfulness, workplace wellbeing and employee retention become increasingly crucial for many organizations, Biophilia has become ingrained and is here to stay. If you’re new to Biophilia, you can simply start by incorporating plant boxes that come with lower shelves or adding a vertical garden

Final Word

Creating a workspace that values employees stimulate a healthy work environment and encourages your employees to work efficiently. Investing in quality furniture can help your employees relax and feel valued by their organisation. Besides these, a classy office atmosphere is also a wise choice to spread  positive buzz about your workplace. Through word of mouth, your organisation can increase it’s brand credibility and loyalty. Therefore, there are many reasons to choose the right furniture for your office. If you’re not sure where to start, Direct Office can help you make the right decision. We have a wide collection of ergonomic chairs and office desks, office accessories, office workstations and much more. Our experienced sales team can also walk you through various office fit-out ideas. Whether it’s design or layout recommendation, contact Direct Office today!

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