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Conference Tables

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A conference room is an important space in your office that can clearly speak in volumes about your company’s culture. It is a gathering spot for exchanging ideas, sharing insights, and building meaningful relationships with your colleagues and clients. Thus, it is important that you decorate it with a proper table. Good use of your conference room space can help your employees communicate better during meetings and conferences A well-designed conference room setup optimises knowledge sharing, encourages collaboration and makes the attendees comfortable.

A conference room should be well designed and comfortably furnished with proper equipment so that it enhances team collaboration with its comfort and positive aura.

Conference tables, no matter what shape or size, are indispensable fixtures of any conference room environment.

Before deciding to choose a conference table for your conference room, you should be aware about the dimensions of the room. The design of the furniture can light up the environment of a conference room as well as blow it off. So the selection of the right furniture for the right environment is essential.

Conference tables come in different finishes to suit the needs of any conference room environment. Choose a Direct Office conference room table that helps stimulate interaction and collaboration among employees.

Direct Office offers a massive selection of conference room tables with flexible folding options like the Mobile Flip Top Tables through to budget options such as the Folkstone Metal Leg Table.

No conference room table would be as functional without the aid of supportive chairs. Equipping your conference room with a conference table is your first step towards leading a productive team meeting. We recommend you to combine conference table products with our conference chairs & visitor chairs in the next step.

With different size options, our tables accommodate your changing needs – from large boardroom meetings to training sessions to smaller breakout-style meetings. Find the perfect table that fits your space and has the capacity to effectively support your frequent meetings.

Our exclusive collection of various material and finishing allows you to choose a conference table that easily blends in with the rest of your interior design. With tabletops in different shapes and sizes, you can easily find a customised table solution for both small meeting rooms and large conference rooms.

If you want to create your own style of table configurations, why not check out our modular designs? These versatile tables can be arranged in a variety of different layouts to suit all office environments and conference rooms, offering you maximum flexibility.

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