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Office Furniture Checklist: Basic Essentials for Your Business

Whether you are setting up a new office or renovating your existing one, not knowing where to start with your furniture setup might seem like a daunting task. Your goal, however, is to create the best working environment because the way your office is set substantially contributes to the success of your workforce and business. A few well-designed pieces of furniture which are both elegant and practical can make a big difference to your office’s environment. Your office furniture reflects your business image and exemplifies your company clients. Therefore, selecting the right type of furniture can be challenging, but it’s achievable.

While buying furniture for your office, you’ll likely deal with one of the following two things: Either you will overestimate what you will need for your office or you’ll end up underestimating it. A little assistance from experts can ease this struggle and help you create the office space of your choice on your budget. Therefore, we have created a guide to help you develop a streamlined list of essential furniture for your office.

1. Chairs

A comfortable chair is one of the essential components of any office. After all, your employees will spend most of their hours sitting on chairs. A comfy chair will promote good posture, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of long term injury. Therefore, investing in an ergonomic chair can add more innovation to your team without breaking the bank. Ergonomic chairs come with comfort and adjustable features that will give employees the right support for their back. Several studies have also shown that ergonomically designed office furniture can have an impact on your employee’s happiness and productivity.

Prioritise employees physical health with ergonomics! PC: RollingStone

The office furniture you choose should be flexible to meet the needs of each individual in your office. Employees come in different shapes and sizes, and investing in chairs that are adjustable to correctly support the posture of all your employees will keep your team happy, healthy, and productive. For instance, ergonomic task chairs allow key adjustments like seat height, depth, recline and adjustable armrests. For a collaborative work environment, on the other hand, the Corner Lounge will ideally fit everyone comfortably.

Choosing the right office chair can have a tremendous impact on your life. Quality chairs not only last longer but also promote a healthier lifestyle to your employees.

2. Desks

Office desks are more than a working surface in today’s agile office environment. Just like the chair, office desks can break or make productivity. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that every occupant in your office has the right equipment to do their job. For example, if you choose a small desk, employees will not have sufficient space to work, and large desks can lead to clutter.

Desks come in different designs and purposes. Office desks provide fantastic opportunities to add a new element, creativity, and personality to your office space. The right desk makes sure you’ll keep every employee comfortable while they work on their productive tasks. Invest in ergonomic desks, such as  adjustable desks that are designed to suit all users and body types. The Matrix Electric Straight Desk is also perfect for overcoming posture issues and affecting long term health.

Desks come in various shapes and sizes. An executive office desk, also known as a double pedestal desk, provides a professional look to the manager’s office. These uniquely crafted desks can brighten any office with extra storage options.

Adjustable Desks to improve your employees well-being. PC: WorkDesign

3. Sofas

Unlike the conventional office layout that is a highly structured environment with tables and chairs, modern layouts have changed the game of office design. As the centrepiece of any social area, a sofa serves a stylish yet functional focal point. In the modern workplace, office lounges have evolved to become a place where employees come together to share ideas and collaborate. It is no longer just a place to relax: it is also a hub for collaboration and creativity.

High back chairs: a perfect getaway from office buzz. PC: Uneebo Office Designs

For instance, the Marathan sofa is fully upholstered and comes in three colours. They not only provide relaxation, but pops of colour will make your office lively. Or you can add the Ola High Back Sofa which provides privacy and gets away from office buzz.

It takes just one glance for someone to create a first impression of your office, whether positive or negative. The reason why people emphasise the importance of first impressions is that they last beyond that specific moment. Therefore, it is crucial to leverage first impressions positively so that visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

With beautifully curved lines, the Elegance is cleverly designed with comfort and style which comes with a luxuriously padded seat offering cosiness and aesthetic appeal. But if you want to give your waiting room an industrial touch, the Tempo Beam gives you a streamlined look as well as offering more seating space.

4. Tables

Businesses and organisations are recognising the need for redesigning the workplace environment to improve employee satisfaction, experience and breaking the hierarchical structure. The furniture setting plays a vital role in changing this new direction. Contemporary tables and chairs are made more open and modern looking to add relaxation to the work environment.

Tables also play a vital role when it comes to boardrooms or lunch areas. A large open table that is long with less space and more chairs make it more possible for easy communication. Your boardroom represents your brand and should provide a comfortable space for members who spend a significant amount of time in the room. 

Your team not only shares innovative ideas and insights when gathered at the same table but also build better relationships within the team and with clients. Therefore, a spacious and well-designed table enhances collaboration and makes the attendees comfortable. So, if you’re having second thoughts about investing in a good table, think again!

Add open tables to foster collaboration and creativity! PC: CommonSense

5. Storage

Almost every office has to deal with large volumes of files and paperwork on a daily basis. These files can contain crucial company or client information  of your business. Therefore, safeguarding these files from theft, loss, or damage is a priority. Sourcing the right storage furniture that is suited to your office environment and its daily operation can be beneficial when storing and showcasing these items.

Organise your folders and keep your desks clutter free. PC: PressFoto

Storage cabinets are handy as they allow users to store and maintain files without any clutter. Various types of storage design are available at Direct Office to fulfil the requirement of every office. Filing cabinets with drawers, such as the Momentum cabinets provides space-efficient storage.

Storage cabinets are one of the best solutions for utilising space too. They are flexible and can be placed in any corner of the room. And hey, they don’t have to be boring too. For instance, the Space50 Cabinet is perfect for small spaces, comes with a coordinated filing system, and adds a little more class to your office. 

Office storage helps to keep the office organised and efficient. Your team will waste a substantial amount of time while attempting to locate documents or files if they are not organised and stored properly. Therefore, good office storage is a place to retain and locate valuable documents securely.

6. Workstations

A well-designed office workstation with proper furnishing and equipment can lead to a more comfortable and fun workspace. They make the best use of space and allow employees to carry out their tasks efficiently. Choosing office furniture and arranging the handy workspace impacts on the performance of the business as a whole. 

Workstations cover a significant area in most offices and can also reflect their operational style. Apart from being functional, they carry the central theme of the whole office interior. Workstations not only support the operations of your office but also reflect the spirit of your team. 

Workstations have evolved and are adapting to new demands in the modern workforce. For instance, modular workstations offer a collaborative approach to work. You can add the Rapide Height Adjustable Corner Workstation to use as a standalone desk or create a workstation layout to suit your team’s requirements. Workstations also come in different variations, i.e. two person, four person, six person, and eight person workstations. 

Real collaboration happens at a workstation too! PC: WoodWorkingNetwork

Final Thoughts

Office furniture tells a story about your brand and what you represent. Expanding on the social factors of the benefits of office furniture, they can give your business the right image. You can mix and match your furniture with classic pieces and ergonomically designed furniture to create a sophisticated look. Indeed, furniture makes your office look stylish yet functional, but you can also add essential office accessories. For example, cable management systems organise cable lines, office partitions make desks clutter-free, and whiteboards serve as a visual communication tool. With your furniture in place along with the necessary accessories makes your office complete. A spacious office complemented by space-saving multi-function furniture can give your office an accommodating air. Therefore, a good image of the business will attract more customers and increase the goodwill of the company.

There are many reasons to choose the right furniture for your office. If you’re not sure where to start, Direct Office can help you make an informed decision. We have a comprehensive collection of ergonomic chairs and desks, office accessories, office workstations, and much more. Our experienced sales team can also walk you through various office fit-out ideas. Whether it’s design, style or layout recommendation, we’re here to help!