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Office Brand Image: Why is it important?

Office Brand Image: Why is it important?

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Your Office brand says who you are, what you stand for, and provides a memorable experience for your customers. The image you portray needs to be seamless across all aspects of your company. Everything needs to express your company’s philosophy from logo to social media and business cards to office layouts and furniture.

Having a branded office can do wonders for your company by attracting customers or increasing the productivity of your employees. The famous quote from Field of Dreams says it all, “If you build it, they will come!”  Now consider how your office layout is built. Are customers coming? Are new employees choosing your company? Or in other words, does it represent your company in the way you want? Your office should have two goals in mind: 

1) Get customers to say, “Wow! I want to do business with this company. They resonate professionalism, and I bet they will surpass my expectations”.

2) Get employees to say, ”I want to work here. This company will help me grow and give me the opportunities and experiences I want.”

We, at Direct Office, aim to equip you with the information to build the correct brand. With the right office brand image, you can wow your customers and get them coming back and attract the best candidates to work at your office! 

What is an Office Brand?

Branding can take on many forms, but it needs to have one message. It’s crucial to have one theme across all aspects of your business. A consistent theme includes your office and workplace. Workplace branding is about shaping the infrastructure, decor, and dynamics of your workplace. Therefore, while recreating your office to match your brand, it’s essential to reflect your office’s values.

Effective workplace branding changes the entire office. In other words, the brand will impact your company’s chance to attract and retain clients and motivate and reduce employee turnover rate. Office layouts and office furniture say a lot about your company, but they need to be creative and elegant. As Zimmer Communications notes, if you are not branding your business or not branding it the right way, you could significantly lose out on sales.

When creating a brand identity for your office, it’s essential to be creative when it comes to designing it in regards to layout, furniture, and decor. Without prior experience or ample time to properly redesign your office, it may be challenging to do without a professional. If you’re looking to do it yourself, Direct Office would like to help you develop an impressive office brand image for your company.

How do you create an office image?

Now you know what an office brand image is, we need to talk about how to do it. Your first question is probably, “will I need to revamp my office completely?” This isn’t easy to answer. It depends on the quality of equipment you currently have, the image you are trying to construct, and your personal opinion.

If you’re not sure about any of this, it might be best to consult a professional to correctly brand your office. Direct Office has an experienced team and a list of qualified friends in your neighbourhood who are always ready to advise! However, if you’re prepared to craft your new image, there are a few things you need to focus on and consider. By checking out the list below and giving each point some thought, you will be ready to start branding your new office!

Back to Basics: Core values

The first thing to do is to evaluate your business’s core values. Assessing your business gives you a chance to rekindle your passion for why you started your business in the first place. It’s important for you to communicate the organisation’s vision through your office. This builds trust with customers and inspires employees to work for a higher calling!

Office Layout – Map to impressing customers

Layouts can offer a significant impact on branding as well as the productivity of your employees. Companies are transitioning from traditional office cubicles to open floor plans. An article from Harvard Business Review showed just how important open floor plans were to brand image. A top Facebook Chief People Officer said, “Our open floor plan provided an exciting and collaborative environment to work in.” With excitement, communication, and collaboration at the centre of the design, it gives your company a friendly brand image that signifies teamwork and innovation. 

Another article by BusinessBlog talks about how different approaches can influence your customer’s thinking. Four things that you can incorporate into your office layout are:

  1. Open workspaces can emphasise a company’s interest in collaboration and communication
  2. Integrated technology can show that a company is cutting-edge and moves with the times. 
  3. Glass walls and partitions can reflect a transparent culture
  4. Art installations can show an organisation’s personality 

Furniture and Decor:

Office furniture and decor can make a lasting impression on your customers. It can also deliver your business philosophy – as we mentioned before. With your vision and philosophy in mind, you will want to match them with your furniture.

It’s important to first focus on practical, comfortable, and functional furniture for your office. You also want to think about how you can incorporate colour schemes and textures relevant to your company. This is not the easiest thing to do, so if you need a little more help, check out our blog about choosing the right colour for each area of your business.

After you know what furniture you want, the next thing you should focus on is your office’s decor. Is your company socially conscious and promoting social change? If so, it’s important to show that off in your decor and your overall brand image. An article in Forbes reported that “about 70% of consumers would be willing to pay 5% more for alternative “green” products or services of the same quality, and 70% of people want to know how brands are addressing social and environmental issues.”

Now What?

Branding is vital in the modern-day. With your company representing more than just what you do, but why you do it too, it’s essential to consider what message you are telling the world. As was outlined by Forbes, your brand can make or break your company. With people worldwide becoming more socially conscious, it’s important to impress and convey your message to them as soon as they walk through the door.

Your office branding experience will be easy by establishing a well-thought-out vision and philosophy for your company. From office chairs and desks to the art that you display, it all says something about your brand. Luckily, it’s easier than ever now to find a professional for advice or get quick delivery. We let our brand speak for itself, and so should you. Driven by honesty, accuracy, and urgency, we are here to help you when you need it.

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