Filing Cabinets

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Filing cabinets with drawers not only store and organise office documents, but also protect important files and documents from fire, dust, wind, or theft.

Uses of Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are often the best way to keep all your documents organised and secure. You can store all your paper documents in files and folders without the worry of misplacing them and you are able to access them with ease. For important and confidential documents, you can also choose a model with locking features to keep your files secure. When files are organised and safe, it will remove clutter on desks and enable you to more easily focus on your work.

Filing cabinets can be useful to:

    • – Store paper documents in files and folders.
    • – Save your time looking for paperwork.
    • – Keep your files safe and secure.
    • – Protect, organise, and store your documents.
    • – Keep you more organised at work and more productive.

Types of Filing Cabinets

When it comes to choosing filing cabinets for your office, there are many options in sizes, specifications, and features available in the market. The features you look for in a cabinet will depend on the particular needs of your requirements.

See listed below the various types of filing cabinets used in different offices:

Vertical Filing Cabinets: To maximise limited space – you can use a vertical file cabinet that has plenty of drawers to store documents.

Lateral Filing Cabinets: Lateral filing cabinets are ideal when you have long-from documents that wouldn’t normally fit in a vertical filing system. If you want to organise files and folders safely, then a lateral cabinet is better suited. The wide drawer space makes it easy to categorise folders and easy to access them.

Lockable Filing Cabinets: There are some documents that will require security and protection. Some cabinets are available with locking systems to allow the securing of your documents from unauthorised access. This way, you do not have to worry about your confidential documents getting compromised, stolen or destroyed.

Mobile Filing Cabinets: If your files need to be in more than one office of your business, try a mobile file cabinet to help make transportation easier.

The number of drawers: The draw quantity you choose for your cabinet is important. A 4 drawer cabinet for example, will give you more storage and organisational option than a 2-drawer cabinet. Whereas, 2 drawer file cabinets help to decrease complexity of storing everything in one place, making it easier to find what you need for particular projects.

How much does a filing cabinet cost?

Filing cabinet price ranges from $224 to $2970 depending on the style, size, material, and features.

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