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How To Create An Experience-centric Workstation In Your Office

In a perfect world, an office would comprise satisfied employees working cheerfully in a room filled with positivity. While this may not be the most realistic expectation, you sure can strive to reach similar employee satisfaction levels. If you notice unhappy faces and sense tension and frustration in your office, it is time for you to evaluate your workspace layout, among other elements.  

The biggest challenge for a modern-day office is to create a comfortable, distraction-free yet engaging workstation to relieve the employees of work-related stress. You want to encourage communication and collaboration among the team members but also limit unproductive conversations. Start by identifying the grievances and inconveniences faced by your employees due to an impractical workstation. 

An ideal workstation has a well-designed layout and provides comfort and ample space to facilitate storage, free movement, and cooperation while limiting disturbances. It may seem impossible to achieve, but it’s nothing like we think. Therefore, we are here to help you come up with a layout that works for your office needs. This blog aims to guide you through various ways to create the workstation your employees will be thankful for! 

Adjusting Workspace Elements For A Productive And Ergonomic Workstation

A workstation may seem like an ordinary piece of furniture, but its importance in a workspace is beyond regular furniture. A workstation is an unmissable part of an employees work day and certainly helps to set the ambience in an office. 

Have you ever noticed your employees decorating their stations with a plant or some memorabilia? This shows that a working booth is much more than a space to operate from; it’s a part of our office lifestyle. 

Thus, investing in an ideal workstation does more for the company than just increasing productivity in numbers! It helps boost morale and is considered a big step in improving employee wellbeing. After all, happy employees help create healthier bottom lines.

To create the workstation of your dreams, you may need to revamp your old office setting and introduce new elements. We have listed some areas you can focus on to orchestrate an environment that promotes growth and wellbeing.

  • Spacious Workstations

Limited space can be a problem if you want to create a stress-free environment. You can opt for modular office workstations to manage as many employees as you can in an incapacious area. Though it may not give off a modern-day feel to the office, it will surely solve the issue. 

  • Support for the technical accessories 

Workstations have evolved from being just a cubicle that separates your employees. Today, you can find booths that are designed to fully accommodate widescreen monitors and wireless keyboards. Find designs that flush in with the wall and allow space for the skirting boards. An innovative design will help manage cables and keep the professional look of your office intact.

  • Adjustable furniture

Changing work habits has helped push out new designs of the office workstation too. Today, the workforce has developed a preference for flexible timings and an active work life. To facilitate this change, offices can opt for adjustable furniture to support their workstations. A great example is a height-adjustable corner booth, ideal for workgroups.

Tips To Create An Ideal Workstation 

  • Design the workstation to suit your needs

Any office layout should primarily focus on employees and functionality. An excellent approach to setting up your booth is to keep frequently used items closer to your reach. Doing so will help minimise stretching and discourage poor posture. You can also place complementary office supplies like A4 sheets and printers together for better efficiency. Arranging your table according to your everyday work plan also helps set an overall ambience of an office. 

  • Identify The Issues With Your Workstation

An easy way to identify issues faced by your team is to circulate an anonymous questionnaire. Familiarise yourself with the discomfort faced by your employees because of their workspace. You can then filter out the content to find real pointers. Once you are equipped with the correct information, you can start looking for furniture suppliers with expertise in multi-functional ergonomic designs to help you.

  • Re-arrange and replace ineffective office furnishings 

Always aim for cutting out unproductivity by rearranging disorganised office furniture and equipment. You can plan out your workspace’s details and rearrange the furniture to find your needs’ best layout. Start organising by discarding unnecessary furniture and replacing them with practical and fully functional ones. You can take help from your furnishing partner to decide on the right furniture fit and layout for your business.  

  • Invest in soundproof dividers and modesty panels  

Soundproof dividers offer privacy and limit disturbances while properly dividing the space for everyone in the office. When there is limited space, you can divide a single area into multiple workstations for your teammates. You can also invest in modesty panels to ensure your employees feel comfortable in their stations. 

  • Sort out storage spaces and cabling

Modern workstations are built with dedicated spaces to expand storage area. You can also purchase workstations with integrated ducting to sort cabling and connection issues. Making sure each cubicle is facilitated with sufficient power outlets ensures smooth workflow.

  • Encourage overall wellbeing with biophilic design 

Modern-day offices are aware of their ecological footprint and also conscious about the actions that impact the environment. You can take a small yet effective step towards this by introducing biophilic design into the workstations. It has been proven to boost creativity by 15% and productivity by 5%. 

Top 5 Workstation Recommendation From Direct Office

Direct Office manufactures, customises and delivers office furniture based on client specifications at competitive prices. With our high-quality material, excellent build quality, and shorter lead time, customers can rely on us for any office furnishing needs with their eyes closed! 

If you are looking for a partner to build your ideal workstation, you’ve come to the right place! With over three decades of experience in the industry, we can guarantee dependable office furniture every time!

Here are our top five picks of the best selling workstations:

  1. Stockholm 

Our Stockholm workstations are an economical, clean and organised solution for your office. The durable build with the simple design helps you create a professional setting that makes an impression. We have standalone and cluster workstations available, ideal for both schools and offices. Our Stockholm collection price ranges from $474 to $5899, depending on the number of employees it can accommodate. 

  1. Nova O

The Nova O collection features elegant and modern workstation solutions for general office spaces with prices ranging from $799 to $1,089. The cluster design can comfortably accommodate two employees and can also be set up to form an interconnecting seating arrangement. They are well-built and offer privacy while maintaining enough space for free movement, communication and supervision. You can choose the colours, storage space options and power kits for this product. 

  1. Nova A

Our Nova A collection is ideal for a general office layout that details accommodation for two personnel. We offer a simplistic design with a trustable European built supported by neutral colour tones that please everyone. You can select your preferred shade and the shelves to fit your needs. According to your choices, the Nova workstation can cost you $799 to $1,089. Our five working day lead time with ten years warranty at these prices is a deal you cannot miss! Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

  1. Munich

The Munich workstation is one of our top selling products. With its melamine top and adjustable feet comes a classic design that wins over anyone. It is ideal for placement against walls as it comes without an under-desk screening. We can fit a modesty panel or divider screens on either side of the workstation according to your privacy specifications. We can also customise the size and colours to fit your office needs. This workstation is an economical solution for offices costing $449 to $599, depending on your specifications. 

  1. Momentum

An Australian made product range, the momentum is a simple collection that focuses on creating a balanced look with neutral colours and simplistic designs. We offer comfortable solutions for your workstation needs while also appeasing the beholders in your office. The momentum workstations are manufactured in Australia under strict supervision using locally sourced raw material. They are an excellent investment for a modern office.  

You can also browse through more products in our range of workstations here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect fit. We hope to hear from you soon!