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Ergonomic Office Furniture: Must-have Equipment In Your Office Space

Office furniture has been among the essential equipment in offices from the very beginning. If you review the history of the office furniture of the last fifty years alone, experts have made several efforts to create ideal office furniture to help improve productivity in office environments. Designers developed ergonomic furniture as it was later figured out that health and wellbeing of staff has a lot to do with productivity. Ergonomic furniture is also the result of a better understanding of the relationship between furniture and its users.  

Modern offices of Australia are driven by human-first ethos. Therefore, they are installing more ergonomic furniture in their premises than ever. Ergonomic furniture not only positively contributes to the health and wellbeing of employees but also helps transform an office environment with boosted performance. But how? Let’s begin with the benefits.

Benefits Of Ergonomic Furniture

“Sitting is the new smoking.” Do you agree with the phrase? Or are you confused with the comparison? Don’t be confused. Numerous studies have agreed on the fact that prolonged seating will ultimately harm your health at the level of regular smoking. 

In Australia, an average office employee spends at least thirty-three hours a week sitting in a chair. That means office workers will ultimately face numerous health problems in the long run if they don’t follow the appropriate practice. On the other hand, the workspace should also provide employees with proper support  to prevent certain health problems from arising in future. That’s why you need ergonomic furniture in every workstation of your team. Right ergonomic furniture not only provides comfort but also eliminates long-term health problems, ultimately contributing to productivity. Let’s talk about the benefits of ergonomic furniture in detail. 

Reduced back and neck pain

Back and neck pains are one of the most significant problems arising from prolonged seating. As the majority of workers usually sit at their desks with improper posture,  it can cause serious health issues, especially in the back and neck. 

Sit-stand desks are proven to have reduced back and neck pain of regular office employees. They reduce significant seating time and help eliminate prolonged pressure from the back and neck. Ergonomic chairs also support the posture of the user at all seating positions to provide comfort and also minimise pressure on the joints, back, and neck. 

Improved Health

Some office habits, such as eating at the desk, can contribute to a significant rise in blood sugar levels, digestion problems, and obesity. Ergonomic furniture not only provides the right support to the body but also encourages frequent movement, which helps in reducing blood sugar levels. A recent study suggests that standing after lunch for more extended periods helps lower blood sugar by 43%.

The frequent movement inside the office space encouraged by ergonomic furniture also contributes to burning calories and improving digestion while decreasing the risk of acid influx. 

Healthy Heart

Unhealthy office habits can significantly harm the heart. Passive body positions can contribute to fat build-up in the arteries and increase the chance of strokes. A recent study found out that people who stood 50% decreased the risk of heart disease by half. 

Ergonomic furniture, such as sit-stand desks encourage body movement and frequent shifting of position between sitting and standing. Therefore, they not only provide comfort to your structure but also take care of your heart. 

Lively Team

With research finding out that employees with ergonomic furniture were less stressed and tired, we can all agree that ergonomic furniture improves mood and energy levels of the whole team. Unhealthy working habits and improper equipment can affect the occupants both physically and mentally. Too much sedentary time can lead to higher risks of anxiety and depression, and employees with low energy will undoubtedly produce less. 

Healthy employees mean happy employees. Adequately installed ergonomic furniture can positively contribute to both physical and mental health of your team, boosting their morale as well as mood.     

Boosted Productivity

The health of your team directly affects productivity, and so does your office environment. That’s why ergonomic furniture plays a significant role in improving the productivity of your team. With the right ergonomic furniture installed for the right people, your team will be not only healthy but also more active and happier. Boosted employee satisfaction means better performance and retention. 

Essential Ergonomic Areas To Focus   

Ergonomic injuries are becoming one of the most commonplace injuries in office environments around the world. Apart from reducing productivity, such injuries also weaken the morale of the employees. Though there shouldn’t be a problem for offices to integrate ergonomics into their spaces, it is still an overlooked topic. If you want to incorporate ergonomics in your office environment, there are four major areas you should focus on. 


An average office worker spends 67 days a year sitting at the desk. It means an average office employee is more likely to suffer physical complications because of prolonged seating. Lack of proper ergonomic task seating can lead to back and neck pains, increased risk of diabetes, and obesity. You can combat undisciplined sitting and unhealthy work settings with the proper ergonomic furniture. Appropriate ergonomic chairs offer features that provide the users with comfort while adjusting to their body type and changing postures.

There are different types of ergonomic chairs available in the market that offer a wide range of features. A perfect ergonomic chair, however, should at least provide users with fully adjustable features, lumbar support, comfortable finishing, and ability to swivel and roll around. 


According to a recent study from Loughborough University and the University of Leicester, office workers who are provided with ergonomic desks are more productive and healthier (both physically and mentally) than those who aren’t. Since prolonged seating isn’t healthy, ergonomic workstations, such as sit-stand desks encourage users to switch positions between seating and standing without skipping responsibilities. 

Ergonomic workstations are perfect for agile office environments where frequent breaks are not possible. Short breaks in between working hours are vital but not enough to encourage the right amount of physical movement to the team. Ergonomic workstations help carry out responsibilities while following a healthier practice.  

Work Equipment

The work equipment installation must be ergonomic friendly. For instance, the right angle and adjustment of your screen have a significant role in reducing neck strain. Likewise, proper viewing range is crucial to avoid eye strain and long term injuries. A high number of modern office employees require frequent typing and using the mouse. Such activities can lead to problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. It would be best if you  ergonomically managed these activities and equipment supporting them.

Managing your team’s work equipment ergonomically is affordable and straightforward. For example, a laptop stand or a monitor arm will allow you to adjust your screen according to your needs. Additionally, you can also find a wide range of keyboard trays, ergonomic keyboards, and mouses in the market. 


Lighting may be an overlooked topic from an ergonomics perspective, but the right lighting can make a big difference in productivity. Bad lighting can lead to headaches, eye strains, and even neck pain. 

It’s best if you can provide your team members with adjustable light settings inside your office environment. For instance, soft lighting is great while working on the computer, and brighter lighting is best for document works or while writing notes on the desk. Try installing adjustable task lights in workstations for improved performance of your team. The right lighting also affects mood and encourages creativity.

Final Words

Great teams can produce excellent results under better conditions. With ergonomic furniture, you can create an ideal environment for your team to perform better. Ergonomic furniture is a simple consideration, but its proper installation can help you achieve the results beyond your expectations. It’s also a long term investment that will keep your team healthy and productive for as long as they work with you. 

Achieving ergonomic goals in your office environment, however, is beyond installing the right ergonomic furniture and equipment. It’s also about following the proper discipline and habits that positively contribute to both  physical and mental health.  
If your office space is lacking ergonomics, contact Direct Office today for expert suggestions and the most comprehensive range of ergonomic furniture options in Australia.