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Useful Office Storage Ideas and Tips

The idea of a workspace has changed drastically in the last couple of years with companies investing in designing the best-suited office layout for their employees. Office Managers who are into administrative roles have to manage various office furnishings and equipment so as to provide the best office design and layout for their company and also provide for ample storage space in the office. The demand for storage space and space management inside the office has increased dramatically. The obvious benefit of organizing the work area is the amount of space that is freed up but there are several other merits to organizing the office space.

Clearing the clutter and managing the office not only creates enough storage space but is also directly beneficial for the mental health of the workforce as per many studies. Not only this, but numerous reputed sources have reported that an organized office workspace can have substantial positive effects on the people working, such as enhanced productivity, creativity, and vigour.

Here are some Office Storage Ideas that are sure to increase the internal office space and inspire the workforce in your office.

1.  Keep the Office Desk Clutter-Free and Use Compartments for Storage:

The need to be highly organized at their work entails the office administrative personnel to stay sorted and well disposed at all times. It starts with the most basic thing at the office such as keeping one’s office desk clutter-free and organized. The office desk is also the place where they spend most of their time. It’s that religious space where they work on their ideas and plan for their future work. The table is where most of the energy and time is concentrated so it is imperative to keep it organized and spacious. There are several ways to keep the office desk clear and utilize the available space. Drawers and compartments should be used to keep all the office stuff while keeping the surface clear. There is also an abundance of stationery items that can be used as a desk organizer. An organized desk is way better than a cluttered and messy surface.

One can further organize the desk storage drawers; keep the things most frequently used at the top drawer and store the least used accessories at the bottom. Larger drawers and compartments can be used to make room for more storage space. The type of desk one uses is also important when it comes to storage space. Using a minimal desk makes sure that you have enough room for storing other things while using a bigger desk with many compartments will give you an organized storage area. Standing desks are also in fashion if you do not need to work long hours and are also useful for creating more storage space.

Similarly, folding tables are useful for creating extra storage areas if you ever need any, all you have to do is fold the table flat against the wall. Folding desks are the ultimate space savers, but they do have a disadvantage as you can barely keep anything on the surface when you close it.

Adjustable standing desks are also a good option as you can use them as a sitting desk also if you like or just move them up and create some extra storage below. Also, make sure that your desk does not have more things on it than you need. The extra clutter will take up unnecessary space and also hamper your ability to work. Cubbies are also a great addition to the office space as they increase space substantially. They are integrated options to combine desks and shelves.

2.  Use Shelves:

In any office administrative job, the office managers have to be careful to meet the office storage needs keeping in mind the limited office space available. So, they have to plan to provide the best storage options to facilitate the office storage requirements and for the workforce. To cater to this need, “Shelves” are good options if they need to store office supplies with easy accessibility and decent space occupancy. These shelves are also one of the easiest ways to stow things in a workspace where one can place office files, books, supplies, stationery, etc., and keep them there for a long time or use them anytime. The beauty of these shelves is that they can be customized to match the decor and layout of the office space while also being a cost effective and practical option for office managers if they are deciding on their office layout and design. 

Similarly, they can also utilize spaces that would normally be wasted, by using office bookshelves that can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to the corporate workspace.

Today modern corporate offices also feature minimalistic shelves that occupy a lot less office space but can be used to store a lot of stuff. Open shelves are also more accessible than other products. So practically a set of shelves can be installed and all the available space can be used to turn them into a viable storage haven. There are so many options out there when it comes to shelves, and one can use the appropriate ones for their workspace. Shelves are a convenient way to increase storage and are easily available everywhere. They can also be mounted or placed in various spots which means unused spaces which would’ve not normally been filled, can be made into storage fittings.

3.  Use Mobile Storage Units:

Sometimes, office managers do face the problem with old fixed storage units at their office that once they are full then either the items have to be removed or new storage space has to be created for additional occupancy. Due to this, mobile storage furniture has become popular these days among most office storage furniture purchased online. Whenever they are full, they can simply be moved to another area. They are a solution for offices with less space. The multiple compartments and partitions within the storage unit are also useful for maximizing stow room.

Mobile pedestals with small wheels at the base are a very good example when it comes to mobile storage options for your office. Rolling carts are also widely used and offer storage as well as flexibility for upgrades. Cups, mugs, pens, and other office stationery items are easily stored in carts. There are also mobile desks and tables with various compartments for storing different things. The convenience and ease of use is the main factor that has made mobile storage popular. Further, modular and mobile storage systems can be combined to make a modern and practical system. In case you do not need the storage for any reason, you can just shift it to some other area.

Also, mobile storage units provide the flexibility of cleaning up the area occupied. Fixed storage units are heavy and immobile and cleaning below or around the space sometimes becomes difficult, but with mobile storage units, you can easily roll it away and clean the occupied space and the adjoining area with ease.

4.  Vertical Storage Layout

Using just the area on the floor would be a huge waste of potential space. Therefore, another effective and highly practical idea to manage office storage space is “Vertical Storage Layout”. Office administrative managers can plan to use the space on the empty walls to hang up storage shelves, filing cabinets, racks etc., rather than plopping everything on the ground. They would be amazed at the amount of space available if they can use the walls and just hang some shelves, cabinets, and racks, then start storing office files, books, diaries, stationery, accessories, etc. 

To make stuff more accessible, they can stow items on shelves hung near the workdesk.

A vertical storage layout can revamp a workspace and free up a lot of room. Using this method can create new storage space for an already cluttered workspace. While using shelves and racks on walls it should be ensured their position doesn’t block any light. Also, it should be kept in mind that these shelves and racks can fall anytime if they are not attached and secured properly.

However, one should not hang big and heavy racks directly above their desk or in places where they could fall and hurt someone.

In recent years, lightweight and safe shelves have become pretty easy to purchase and install. A vertical layout for storing items can add a new dimension and thus can free up a lot of space. A combination of vertical and horizontal storage units will unlock a lot of space required for the expanding storage needs of the office which the office administrative managers have to handle carefully.

5.  Built-in Storage

Office managers are always keen to devise office storage solutions and create new and innovative ways of creating office storage space. Thereby, office storage solutions have evolved over the years and one of the most radical ways to increase storage is by using built-in storage. It maximizes the storage capacity of any particular area by integrating storage while retaining its original function. Walls can be turned into huge cupboards, the empty spaces below huge conference tables can be transformed into storage units, etc.

Built-in Storage is a really useful way by which corporate offices with high storage needs but limited office spaces can maximize the room. They are also frugal and can be installed in almost any way possible to save office space at an affordable price.

Additionally, there are endless ways to install this kind of storage. Corporate Offices can use integrated desks with storage space and cupboards to maximize the space. The beauty of built-in storage is that it can create more space where it may seem that there is no space. Integrated built-in storage systems are also easier to install.

6.  Proper Layout  

One of the most important things to keep in mind for the office administrative managers while arranging the components and furniture for better office storage space is the layout. The right layout will not only give their office’s workspace a great look but also free up considerable space for storage options. A proper plan to keep a clear idea of the workspace layout will help them to organize the office furniture and other components efficiently and more effectively.

The layout should be flexible so that changes can be made whenever need be. You never know when you might need to add some furniture or components to meet the needs of the ever-growing workforce of the office. They should try to accommodate as much future-proofing into their plans as possible. Corporate offices might need restructuring from time to time so a long-term design layout will serve the purpose without making any major changes in the workspace. This will also help the office managers to save any additional costs when the office goes in for a renovation phase. Changing the look and structure of the workspace keeps things fresh, so they should try to make the layout and arrangement as flexible as they can. The layout will drastically change the way work is done and give their office a lot more storage if done correctly.

7.  Customize the Workspace

In the modern working space, office managers always have the option of best customization of their office space that helps in building additional storage space in their office. Custom-made furniture can be built to not only match the exact specs but also create more storage space in their office. Using a custom build will not only create an array of storage options for them, but it can also have any extra features they are looking for. Fitting all custom spec furniture means they will have all the room they require. While custom options may be more expensive than other alternatives, they are worth it as they specially cater to the needs of limited office space. Additionally, every business has a different workflow and process, due to this, one can create a system as per the exact specifications and which are based on the respective businesses ‘unique work process, that will maximize the overall productivity and creativity of their employees.

8.  Mount Modular Storage Furniture:

The storage capacity of traditional shelves, racks, hooks, etc. is not upgradeable and hence they offer limited storage space. However, the evolving storage units present the option of “Modular furniture” that can increase the limited storage capacity and meet the growing storage needs of the office that has to be managed by office administrative managers. They can add more compartments and racks to the modular storage unit as long as it is practical for expansion.

These types of storage systems can be extended from the floor to the ceiling. Starting from the middle to the top, additional compartments can be added, shelves or racks in the upper or lower deck could be mounted as per the storage needs.

Similarly, modular furniture can also be repaired and moved around easily if needed. Organizing is also much easier when they can be disassembled and moved to another location rather than push a heavy load. The same also goes for replacements and upgrades. Tiers could be just added or removed from the storage system. There are also some work desks in the market whose surface can be increased and using them will provide more storage space in the office.

9.  Utilize Maximum Space with Wall-to-Wall Cabinets

Sometimes offices run out of storage quite easily and pose a problem for the office administrative managers to create additional space within their limited office premises. To cater to this problem, there’s a storage option that will aesthetically make their corporate office look full. It’s called “Wall-to-Wall Cabinets” and their use has become quite popular these days in the online furniture market. As the name suggests, they cover whole walls and use the maximum surface area available. They are perfect for a workspace with less room. Office managers always look for office storage solutions and ideas that rely heavily on utilizing space that is already available. They have to make the best use of limited office space at their disposal, unless the office management plans to buy or rent additional office buildings.

Therefore, for them additional storage space ideas such as wall-to-wall shelves, cabinets, racks, etc. can prove to be innovative options that will use the maximum surface area available. Administrative personnel who handle the workspace layout and furniture procurement for their office will be surprised at the amount of storage they can get if they use these kinds of shelves. There is also an emerging market of custom-built wall-to-wall shelf options. A minimalistic design to support the cabinets will also look better than a regular shelf. Floor to ceiling cubbies also have an enormous storage capacity and one can integrate the workstation with the shelf.

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