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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Table

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Table

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Managers are said to spend up to 35% of their time in meetings. A well-designed conference room can promote lively debates, the production of new ideas, and productive meetings. The ideal office conference table can ground the space and provide a setting for employees to collaborate — furthermore, conference rooms aid in the creation of a professional environment when communicating with clients or consumers. That’s why we have compiled five tips for choosing the right conference table for your convenience!

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Take a Look at the Size of Your Conference Room

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the size of your space. Make sure there is adequate space around the table so everyone can easily access all areas of the room. Remember the room’s doors and windows, and make sure they are easily accessible. You should also consider the room’s other functions; for example, if your conference room tables has an audio/visual station, you must accommodate that area.

Carefully Consider the Seating Arrangement

Assess the room’s capacity to establish how many chairs you’ll require. Consider the types of chairs you want for the conference room. This will assist you in determining how many chairs to include around your conference table. Even if the table is crowded, remember to give your employees and clients plenty of elbow room. 

Think About the Accessible Power Sources in the Room

You will likely have phones, laptops, and an audio/visual station in your conference room. As a result, consider where your power sources are and how the location of this equipment will affect the conference table’s function. Seeing a tangled mess of cords, plugs, and wires will make everyone in the room uneasy. You don’t want to be caught in a tangle of cords, plugs, and wires, especially during an important meeting.  

Consider the Aesthetic You Want to Have in Your Conference Room

If the conference table is the first thing you buy for your meeting room, consider how it will affect the overall design aesthetic of the space and your office. If not, analyse your office furniture to determine which conference table fits best. You can guide your design decisions by asking yourself whether you prefer traditional or modern furniture elements, as well as whether you prefer bright or dark colours. Several table forms include a circle, rectangle, boat shape, and racetrack. Whatever table form you choose, always ensure it “fits” your office aesthetic. This will make you and your employees feel at ease and leave an impression on your clients. 

Consider the Budget

Lastly, remember how much you have allocated to purchasing a conference table. Costs can vary based on the table size, what it’s made of, and if it’s part of a new or older collection. There is a multitude of choices available for different pricing ranges. Look for the right conference table that fits your needs and budget.

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