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Types of Furniture Styles: Your Complete Guide to Different Styles

A silent yet an essential aspect of our homes and businesses, furniture plays a vital role in our daily lives. As the saying goes, “home is where your heart is”, it is equally crucial for your office furniture to be your place of solace as well. Your office space is a place where creativity and productivity thrives. Therefore, it is imperative that you set your office furniture that represents your company’s value. The right office furniture contributes to a healthier lifestyle for the occupants, both physically and mentally. By selecting the right furniture style to your business, you’ll never have to worry about productivity and comfort. Decoration, along with different furniture styles, is one of the best ways to promote your brand values, creativity and a happier workplace. If you’re not sure where to start, find our complete buyer’s guide here!

In this article, we’d like to discuss five prominent furniture styles: traditional, contemporary, rustic, industrial and transitional. With many choices in hand, it can be challenging to know where to start. Use this list as a guide to decide the aesthetic fit for your business and a style that truly represents your brand.

Traditional Style

The regal style that we all know today as traditional furniture first began in Europe. One of the most significant contributions of the Europeans to classic style was Chippendale furnishing from England. Conventional furniture styles were the mainstay of many homes, and some pieces were symbolic. Transitioning from homes to offices, traditional style is the essence of harmony, comfort and order. It welcomes its users with warmth and class. Traditional furniture styles are quite a sight and easily fit in many workplaces.

Earthy shades and rich tone of classically styled furniture create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, upholstered furniture exhibits understated details and classic lines. Traditional style furniture is functional, unfussy and restful. The furniture edges are smooth and can easily blend into your office layout. Go back in time with timeless pieces, and give your occupants a classic work environment.

Contemporary Style

Heavily influenced by modern designs, contemporary furniture leans towards sleek and monochromatic finishes. One of the distinct features of modern style furniture is whether it’s formal or informal; it is not too dainty and overwrought. Contemporary style is inspired by the now. Simple and sleek lines, and hardly any intricate details or carvings, contemporary furniture comes in all shapes and shades. There’s a mix of traditional and non-traditional materials, combined to explore new materials and new concepts.

The contemporary style gives your office a signature look that is clean and simple. It is focused on bold décor, minimal edges and is the go-style for many start-up businesses and corporate offices. Aesthetically pleasing natural tones with pops of colour also correspond with the business’s brand identity. When adding a contemporary touch to your offices, remember that simplicity is key and choose a colour palette, art décor and other accessories that complement your office layout. For instance, the Chester Triple Seat Lounge and Ergonomic Chairs come with comfort and style to fit any contemporary office.

Rustic Style

Rustic furniture dates back to the 18th century and has been passed down through generations to warm yet modern finds. Rustic style has a unique ability to turn any cold and conventional office into a welcoming workspace by use of the simplest elements. Rustic describes a style that is aged, rough yet natural and casual. Just like traditional style, rustic means lots of woodwork and materials like canvas and burlap. Rustic style furniture at its core is used of natural/ organic elements.

Design is minimal and has an earthy feel about it. With a neutral palette, a worn-in look and little help from nature can elevate your serious corporate office to a comfortable place in no time. If you’re not sure about going all rustic, you can also incorporate contemporary style with your furniture. For example, a mix of natural elements of the rustic combined with clean-lined contemporary design for a light and earthy aesthetic will balance things perfectly. The amalgamation of these two styles will give you open, light, and a natural finish. For instance, finished in Timber Veneer and polished with aluminium legs, the Forza Executive Desk, will seamlessly fit any rustic layout.

Industrial Style

It is a unique blend of human-made and organic elements; industrial style furniture is becoming popular among many commercial interiors. The industrial style furniture trend is a breath of fresh air, compared to its traditional and minimalistic contemporary cousins. The style is inclined towards the utilitarian nature of elements, such as exposed bricks, vents, pipes, beams and use of a monochromatic palette define the aspects of industrial style. Industrial style furniture offers an unfinished and raw look.

Various items like an old dentist’s lamp or a drafting table can also be added to give a modern industrial façade. Rustic and modern furniture with clean lines characterises an industrial-chic style. This style is easy to pull off despite the size of your workspace. Industrial furniture will suit any size room. Whether you focus on a single piece for a small room or utilising industrial chic in an open workspace, the sleek finish and natural-looking details will suit your office layout, no matter the size. Vintage furniture adds more industrial feel but can be hard to find or out of budget. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and experiment with different materials and colour. Our Miami Rectangular Desk and Diplomat Executive Desk come in monochrome tones to harmoniously match your overall industrial layout.

Transitional Style Furniture

Transitional is a mix of contemporary designs and traditional aesthetics. It is simply a combination of two styles in one space that results in a cohesive design. Transitional style furniture is an emerging trend at the moment. This type of style is ideal for businesses that value flexibility and mobility, as it adapts to their changing needs. The transitional style furniture blends with modern aesthetics with warmer and subtle tones. Transitional furniture is a marriage of curved furnishing with straight-lined and lacquered or metal finishes like the Potenza Desk.

It represents a workspace that is equally masculine and feminine in nature. The style is not scattered and a mess but lightly adorned with accessories, clean room and neutral colours. Transitional style furniture is the art of your workspace. Thus, less use of accessories for distraction and more mixture of furnishings and fabrics will achieve the ideal look for you. Transitional is the art of mixing but don’t go too crazy with the overall style. Stay neutral, incorporate textural elements such as metal, steel or different fabrics, limit the use of accessories and choose impact art, but sparingly.

Final Word

Creating a workspace that values employees stimulates a healthy work environment and encourages efficiency. Investing in quality furniture can help employees relax and feel valued by their organisation. Besides these, a classy office atmosphere is also a smart choice to help create a positive brand image of your workplace. Therefore, there are many reasons to choose the right furniture for your office. If you’re not sure where to start, Direct Office can help you make an informed decision. We have a comprehensive collection of ergonomic chairs and desks, office accessories, office workstations and much more. Our experienced sales team can also walk you through various office fit-out ideas. Whether it’s design, style or layout recommendation, we’re here to help!

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