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The Importance of Your Office Tables & How to Pick the Right Styles

Your office table is a piece of furniture that’s often overlooked as something we ‘put everything on.’ But it’s so much more than this. Modern office tables will make your team work efficiently, while adding to the style of your home.

And it’s not just your individual workstations that you need to give thought to. A thoughtfully-designed conference and meeting room can foster positive discussions and generate ideas – a space for true collaboration. Modern office tables blend form and function to your workplace. They’re an important design element.

If you’re in the market for new tables, ask yourself these questions:

How to find the right office tables?

How big is your room?

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your space. Make sure there’s plenty of room around table for movement. Consider proximity to doors and windows. What style of table would work best in this space? A single workstation, a two-person or four-person?

How many chairs do you need?

Figure out your seating requirements. Think about the types of chairs you’d like. This will help you picture the space and what you want from it. Make sure you allow for plenty of elbow room.

Will there be access to power?

You might prefer individual workstations but realise there’s only one power outlet, so a long, multi-person table suits better. Take into account the locations of your power sources and how this will affect the layout. The last thing you want is to be constantly stepping overextension chords and fighting for power.

What do you want your office to look like?

Can you visualise how your office should be? If you’re set on a specific style, go for that. Just keep in mind the previous principles of space, power accessibility and what you’re going to put in the space. When choosing a table, it’s not just a question of where you’re going to put it, but its style and shape. Consider design
elements like traditional or modern looks, as well as colours. You need to think equally about both the look and function of your tables.

Your furniture plays an important role in the productivity of your team. Don’t go the cheap, chain-store options. We have a range of conference and boardroom tables, folding tables, meeting tables and smaller tables to suit your business structure.

Let’s have a discussion about all the different ways you plan to use your new tables. This gives us a foundation to provide you with the advice you need to build your smart workspace.

Contact us today and we can help you pick the right size, consider the location, pick
your features, and prepare the space. You spend hours behind your work desk every day, so selecting the right table isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

With your office tables, no one-size- fits-all. Let’s find (or build) you the perfect match.