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Why Office Furniture is More Important Than You May Think

Office furniture is one of those things that you only notice the quality once it’s bad… like
sitting on a bad chair, we all know how distracting that is. Comfortable office chairs and furniture in your office is more important than you might think. It’s linked to employee productivity.

When managers and business owners are designing offices, the furniture is often left to the last minute. More importance is placed on where people will sit, and who gets the biggest office.

There’s a lot to be said about providing a positive atmosphere for your employees. It leads to greater happiness, comfortableness, and productivity. Let’s talk about the five main reasons how office furniture affects your company’s productivity levels.

Why invest in quality office chairs, tables & desks?

When considering the specific needs of your office, keep in mind these things.


You can promote efficiency within your team by investing in quality furniture and equipment. Make your team feel comfortable and prevent any OH&S issues. Back pain often arises from sitting on cheap, old furniture all day.


Can you easily move your furniture around? You want to have office chairs and office tables that you can take from room to room, without issues. Whether there’s a meeting, a conference or you simply want to give the space a new look, your furniture will be affect how you do this.


The best way to prevent fatigue or that 3.00pm slump. You need more than a great coffee machine to overcome poor quality furniture. Invest in office workstations that are designed for the person – quality not quantity.


Is your furniture safe? What about the layout – is your table too big for the space it’s in? Is it blocking access to the kitchen or bathroom? Make life easy for your team.

The look

Last but not least, how does your furniture look? What feeling do you want it to evoke? Does the current setup reflect this? Improve your brand perception and marketing by spending money on quality furniture.

According to research, if you work five days a week, you’ll spend up to 2,000 hours sitting throughout the year – and that’s just at work. That number certainly puts it into perspective.

Your office furniture influences the health and happiness of your employees. The sake of saving a buck and buying from a cheap furniture store is where many businesses get it ‘wrong.’ Not only will those items break quicker, but they’ll give your team sore muscles. By investing in quality furniture, you’ll create a comfortable workspace.

Buying New Office Furniture?

If your team sits down for a large portion of the day, spend some time exploring ways to improve the environment. A major part of this is reviewing your furniture. We have a range of ergonomic office chairs and furniture to cater for a wide range of body types and applications.

Contact us and let us help design your office to suit your team’s working style.