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4 things to consider when choosing visitor chairs

You might be thinking that Visitor chairs aren’t as important as other furniture items, and they don’t matter much to your office space because they are not for people who spend long hours sitting at a desk. Well, most business owners and managers also think the same, and this is what makes your office space incomplete. Visitors chairs may not need to be as functional as regular, dedicated office chairs, but you should give some serious attention to providing your visitors or clients with the appropriate seating.  

When it comes to seating, especially in your business, comfort is the key. Your stakeholders start judging your company from the time they enter your office space. And visitor chairs are one of the first things that grab their attention. First impressions are vitally important, hence investing in good quality visitor chairs isn’t a ‘waste of money’. Keep in mind. Guests notice their surroundings and chairs they’re sitting on, so be sure to keep the brand consistent. 

Chairs Aren’t Just For Seating.

When clients or business partners visit your office, it’s the small details that play a crucial role in pleasing them. Your office system should take care of your visitors by making sure they’re comfortable and at ease. It includes installing quality chairs that reflect your brand story.

If you run an edgy, innovative company, select visitor chairs that are modern and progressive in design, or if you run a consulting company, the environment should calm your visitors and give them a feeling of assurance. You can start assuring your stakeholders by creating a pleasing environment in the reception area. 

Your reception desk plays a significant role in communicating your brand image to your guests. Moreover, your chairs reiterate your brand image as well. There are a few things to consider when redesigning your reception area and selecting the right visitor chair style.

1. Know Your Stakeholders

To create the reception area that suits your stakeholders, you should first know about them. While the type of business you are running determines who your stakeholders are, you shouldn’t have a hard time understanding your visitors, whether they are your clients or your business partners. You can plan according to your business expectations and the facts about various people who visit your office. 

Consider what type of guests you expect, the demographics of your customers or new prospects. Additionally, consider people who will likely join your team in the future. You’ll have a range of people coming in as visitors. Therefore it’s imparitive you understand them and create an environment that provides them with a positive impression.

2. Figure Out The Flow And Waiting Time

The flow of your visitors and their average waiting time also mostly depends on what service your business provides. And it dictates your choice in determining the design of the visitor chair. If there is a high flow of daily visitors, they likely spend more time in the waiting room. You might want to provide such visitors with more comfortable seating that supports their posture. Whereas for the visitors who spend less time in the waiting area, you might want to invest more in the background and the ambience to grab their impression in a short period while offering them average seating.   

For the visitors who spend a long time in the waiting area, choose an office chair that supports their back and neck. You might want to consider installing multiple seating options to accommodate the high flow of visitors who don’t spend much time. 

3. Consider Accessibility

Before installing a visitor chair, you should consider the available space you have in your waiting area with the flow of your visitors. It’s nothing more disappointing for you and your visitors both than them having to stand and wait in the reception. Understanding the dimensions of your space in detail and knowing the flow of the visitors will allow you to install the right chairs that accommodate all your visitors throughout the day. 

You should also consider the location of the seats, and inspect if there are any accessibility issues. Additionally, you can install portable chairs if you have a small waiting area and fewer visitors. Consulting with a reliable furniture supplier or a fit-out expert will allow you to design your waiting space for maximum efficiency.

4. Be On The Same Page With Your Brand

All the elements of your office space – from the background, the accessories, to the pieces of furniture – create an environment together that reflects your brand values. Some offices are designed according to the branding guidelines, whereas some are designed with an aim to reflect the core organisational values. And visitor chairs shouldn’t be the odd out pieces because communicating your brand values with your stakeholders is very important. And it’s always better done than said.  

WIth Direct Office, you’ll find a wide range of visitor chairs in different colours, style, materials, and finishes that blend in with any office environment. Choose the right seating with the right colour or vibe to communicate values.

While creating the waiting room or reception environment, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your brand’s personality. Make sure your visitor chairs are on the same page with all the other elements that create an environment that’s worth showcasing.  

Make a great first impression the second your visitors walk into your reception. Furnish your waiting room and reception with comfortable, modern visitor chairs with Direct Office. Browse a large selection of chairs to match the look and needs of your office.

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