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How the Right Lighting Can Transform Productivity in Your Office

Have you ever tried to work in a dark room? It’s next to impossible. Now, compare that experience to a light, bright and open space. You can see why light plays a huge role in employee productivity. When choosing the location for your office workstation, access to light should be your focus.

No matter what time of year it is, you can keep morale high by keeping your team close to the light. It’s one of the easiest ways to maximise productivity.

It’s hard to avoid feeling like you’re cramped and working in an artificial space when you’re in an office. But, tapping into natural energy like sunlight and adding plants can overcome this. Personalise your office with motivating colours to create a more vibrant workspace. Avoid anything dark or monochrome.

If your office doesn’t have enough light, do these three things:

1. Embrace Natural Light

Restructure your office design to get the most out of sunlight. Many studies have shown that office workers who have more exposure to natural light are more active, sleep better, and are happier. Aim to situate your desks about six or seven metres from a window. To avoid that afternoon glare, purchase a shade.

2. Choose The Right Lightbulbs

Forget that harsh fluorescent lighting. That type of lighting can affect your mood and output. In fact, it’s been known to mess with our circadian rhythms because it’s so unnatural – leading to headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression. Try to replicate the colour temperature of daylight at noon. Invest in LED lights because they last longer than traditional globes. You’ll save on replacement and running costs, as they use less energy.

3. Invest In Desk Lamps

If your office is short on natural light, add a desk lamp to each workstation. It can give just the right amount of light, when needed. Your team can turn them off and on when they want to. Ideally, the light shouldn’t be directly in their eyes, and can hang overhead. So, when we say desk lamp, it could be an adjustable standing light that’s kept next to each work area.

There are two main reasons to make greater use of natural light (or to invest in quality lighting solutions). That is, to increase productivity and keep your employee’s healthy, and to save money on electricity costs. If you need help restructuring your office, let us know.

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