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Enhancing Your Office: Workspace Makeover Tips, Ideas and Product Recommendations

Your office is starting to show signs of ageing. Time to freshen things up, repurpose a few things, refresh a few others, and replace some odds and ends.  Or perhaps, you’ve already decided to sell all second-hands and start afresh. Whatever your situation, it’s easy to become bewildered by the number of options open to you.

As office furniture experts, we’ve compiled our list of workspace makeover tips. Additionally, we popped in a few red-hot ideas and tagged some product recommendations that will get you started!

Top Tip: Perfect Functionality for Perfect Aesthetics

When you’re confronted with an array of sleek office workstations and office furniture, it’s important to consider functionality first. Simply put: what does the person at each workstation need to do? How can the workstation help them perform their task more efficiently?

Functional choices invariably deliver great aesthetics and efficient office layouts too. Therfore, you might want to take a step away from the office furniture catalogues just to begin with.

Consider aspects like the ways in which workstations interact with workflows and see how you can group people performing tasks that require collaboration – even if they work in different functional departments.

Once you have a determined what should occur where and what the specifications for each workstation would be, you’re ready to start looking at office furniture.

Top Idea: Let Someone Else Do the Legwork

Just fulfilling tech specs for work stations won’t necessarily result in a unified office furniture selection. You’re the expert on what needs to happen at each of the workstations and how you want them arranged to work together effectively. Now, get a furniture expert to recommend the matching items you need to fulfil your plan.

Feel free to be a discerning customer. After all, you are the customer and you deserve good service from your office furniture supplier. Indicate colours you think will match your brand and talk about the company image you’d like the office to project to employees and visitors.

What should you get in return? Expect workable options and alternatives that thin down the plethora of choices you faced before to just a few simple decisions. You might even get the offer of custom solutions, if some of your requirements call for them.

Product Recommendations

There are some office furniture choices that will suit just about any specs, so if you just want to revamp with flexible workstations that will suit almost anybody, take a closer look at these smart standbys.

Basic is best when you choose our standard Beta or Stockholm modular workstations. Group activities into “islands” that limit distraction but still allow for collaboration.

For workstations where anyone’s going to spend more than a few hours a day, we recommend adjustable chairs. There are a variety of colour options, but when in doubt, black is the go-to solution.

Don’t forget to take storage needs into account when planning your workstation layout – here it’s a little more difficult to come up with a generic solution, but we can say that our range covers your basic storage needs.

Of course, recommendations that are tailored to your specific requirements will always be the ultimate best choice, so talk to our consultants about your office revamp plans and workstation needs. We make it easy!

Helpful? Want a custom solution for your office space?

Worry not. We at Direct Office offer a broad range of office furniture in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin and all part of Australia that is suited to a variety of workplaces.

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