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Building an Awesome Office at Home

It’s not just for small businesspeople and workaholics. Every home should have an office.  Whether it’s a quiet space to study, a spot to get through your tax return and file away your papers, or the hub of your mini-business empire, dedicated office space separate workspace from the rest of your home.  Now to make it awesome!

Apart From Family Space

If you’re not planning on meeting customers at your home office, you have a lot more leeway as to where in the home it should be situated. Nevertheless, family time is precious – keep the office away from the spaces where your family relaxes. If you have kids, it’ll also be easier for them to get the message that mom or dad shouldn’t be disturbed when they’re in the office.

Set the Mood

An office is well-lit, crisp, business-like and uncluttered. So, much as you might need space to store your beach umbrellas or sporting paraphernalia, the office isn’t it. If that means you don’t have enough rooms in your house, consider using an office partition to turn one room into two. We are influenced by the spaces we find ourselves in, so create a space that’s meant for productivity.

Consider Your Workstation Needs Before You Get Furniture

Think about the type of work you will do in your office. Do you need to use a printer? Will you be accessing paper records so that you need a bookshelf or filing cabinet beside you? How much desk space do you need? Even if your office workstation is relatively simple, it’s worth making a sketch of what you’d like the layout to be.

Never, Ever, Ever, Skimp on Chairs

Most people agree that we spend more time sitting down than we really should. But a good office chair can make a huge difference to things like lower back pain which is almost inevitable if we choose a bad office chair.

If you’re planning to use your home office for more than an hour or two at a time, it’s worth investing in a really good office chair.

Have a Pin Board

Although you want an uncluttered workspace, it is a home office, so you can add more personal touches than you would in an office elsewhere. Consider getting a big pin board where you can display family photos, postcards, and pin up reminders and planners.

Plan for Paper

Although we’re doing a lot more things electronically these days, paper still seems to multiply. Worst of all, if you do get it on paper, it’s probably quite important. Getting your filing done has become a household chore just like doing the dishes.

Even if your home office is only for domestic use, storage space is a must in any home office.  There are tons of office storage options to help you stay organized, so don’t wait till you’re drowning in a paper before getting started.

Shop Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered where big companies get their office furnishings? They go straight to the source – companies like ours. If you’re fitting out a home office anywhere in Australia, we can help you with the professional office furniture and accessories you need for an awesome home office. Start browsing now and see for yourself.

Want a custom solution for your office? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help. We deliver Office furniture in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and all part of Australia.