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Your Company Culture and Your Office Fitout

Written by Direct Office / April 23rd, 2018

Your Company Culture and Your Office Fitout

There’s so much more to your business than four walls, a roof, and a bunch of the usual tech gadgets. Your business has its own personality or culture. If you’ve been focusing on your company culture, you will have aligned it to your business’ image and goals. And you’ll be expecting your employees to reflect that culture.

It’s a well-known fact that our behaviour is influenced by the interior spaces we happen to be in, so creating an office interior that matches your company’s culture is a logical next step. The type of office interior we create, and the way we furnish it, will also affect the way employees to do their jobs.

Clearly, there’s a lot more to an office fitout than grabbing a few desks and chairs and putting them wherever they’ll fit. So, how does office furniture relate to company culture?

Collaboration Rules Your Company Culture and the Jobs People Do

Tech companies are perhaps those best known for their collaborative office designs. Here, employers choose furnishings and layout so that employees find themselves in an environment where it would be almost impossible NOT to collaborate.

The offices are definitely open-plan, workers can often choose where they want to work depending on the task they’re busy with, and shared desks and tables are the order of the day.

That’s great when you need people to be constantly bouncing ideas off each other, asking for help or opinions, or brainstorming new ideas. But not all businesses, and not all jobs for that matter, will work well with this type of fitout.

Concentration is the Other Side of the Coin

If people are doing tasks that require a lot of systematic thinking, they really need a space to themselves. When you were a student, you and your friends probably sat together when working on shared projects. But when you needed to knuckle down and get something done all by yourself, you probably chose a quiet spot with a desk of your own in a library or study room. Anything else would have distracted you.

In the same way, people who perform tasks that require concentration and individual thinking will perform better when they have their own desk or workstation. Individual workstations will be spaced further apart in an open plan office, or you would provide individual offices where employees can focus intently on the task they’re busy with.

Image Matters

Image may not seem all that important when compared with productivity, but it sends a clear message about your company’s culture to employees, business associates, and clients alike.

Do you want to appear modern or cutting-edge? Once again, that’s not a culture that will suit every business. You might prefer a more traditional, stable image for your business, and your office layout and office furniture will either reinforce that culture and image or detract from it.

Of course, looking the part is only the first step, but it does create a space in which you can foster or develop a company culture that suits your business’ strategic goals.

Dare to Design

At Direct Office Furniture, we offer a wide range of office furniture designs. That means you’re likely to find everything you need to create an office that suits your company’s culture right here – without having to hire an interior designer or decorator. And if you need advice, or can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, you need only talk to a consultant. We’re available on live chat or, if you prefer, simply call us or email us.


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