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How to Arrange Your Office Furniture

Does your office always feel too small and cluttered? No space to move? Simply rearranging your office furniture can make a big difference.
There are a few things to keep in mind before you start moving around your entire office. Make sure entryways are clear and be conscious of traffic flow. Keep a visual balance throughout the space and avoid putting too much on your walls. This will only make the room feel cluttered and smaller.
The thing you want to keep in the back of your mind is functionality. Ask yourself, do I really need this item? Computers, machines, equipment, supplies and files can make offices extremely dysfunctional

The Office desks probably take up most of your office space. Look at how they’re angled and positioned. Moving them can give the room a whole new perspective and even increase productivity. If a desk is facing away from the window, reposition it to take advantage of the natural light. Get your employees to do the reach test at their desks. Everything they need for the day should be within their reach (with everything else stored).
Storage is the secret ingredient of every successful, organised office. Look at your office from the perspective of a minimalist. The best way to avoid clutter is to find an alternative for it. There’s all types of office storage solutions to choose from including shelves, cupboards, under-desk drawers, and filing cabinets. Consider your office layout when deciding which style works for you.

Giving your eyes something attractive to rest on helps avoid strain and fatigue. Include a small corkboard with inspirational photos around the office workstation area to combat eye issues. Paintings, posters and plants also work well. If space allows it, invest in a blooming plant. Anything attractive to put within a close range of vision works wonders.

Don’t forget about treating your windows, too. A new drape or colour of blinds can add to the atmosphere of the room.
Consider updating your equipment if it’s old. This will give your office a modern, innovative look. Another good reason to replace these items is because they could be chewing up electricity. Old equipment tend to require more energy to operate efficiently. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that old printer, fax machine or computer that no one uses anymore. With more offices moving towards cloud storage and using mobile phones instead of landlines, now is a good time to review your needs.
Don’t get stuck in the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ mindset. Businesses need to continuously evolve and offices need to follow this.
Office furniture is Important.
While you’re revisiting the look of your space, consider updating your office with ergonomic furniture. Help maximise productivity and boost your employee’s health by investing in quality desks, workstations, chairs, and tables. Whether your office caters for a small team of 10 or it’s a large workspace for 200 staff, we have products to suit your needs. Contact us for perfect office furniture in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or any part of Australia.