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Simple Summer Cleaning Tips for Your Perth Office

With summer just around the corner, your team will be taking some time off. Many Perth offices close over the break. But for those few employees who will work through, keeping it clean can be a challenge.

First of all, start the season (and end the year) with a full office clean. Round up all of your staff and spend a few hours organising the space. Throw out things you no longer need, tidy everything and bring out the cleaning products. Think of it like a spring clean, in summer. This will help you maintain the neat environment and start the year off positively.

If you have the budget, we recommend hiring a commercial cleaner to bring the finishing touches. Tidying up first is the best way to maximise their services. So, what are the areas of focus? Your comfortable office desks and floors.

Most cleaners won’t touch items on your desk. Workstations are sacred areas. Have you ever heard the phrase organised chaos? This is the perfect way to explain some of your employees’ desks. If it’s covered in a lot of stuff, even if these items are important, it’s going to look messy. Cleaning the surrounding area isn’t going to help much.

Get your staff to start by making sure their desks are minimal and clean. If you need to invest in storage, you should. There’s different types of solutions – like cabinets that fit under your desk or shelves resting in the corner of your office.

This will get all those little items off your floor and neatly packed away, giving your cleaner free reign to every part of your office. It’s not easy to vacuum when there’s boxes lying everywhere. Look at every metre of your office floor like prime real estate. Ask yourself whether how it’s being used is the best way.

Remember, look at it in the eyes of a minimalist. The easiest way to maintain a clean office is by removing all unnecessary things that just clutter the space. In other words, watch the little things.

Keep your windows clear. On a beautiful sunny day, you don’t want to look out to a dirty, stained window. Before summer, spend a few minutes cleaning your windows. During a long winter, dust and grime can accumulate in your windows. Open up your curtains, dust the window seal and wipe the pane of glass.

Choose The Right Furniture For Your Perth Office

Cleaning can be fun, if you put a little bit of healthy competition into it.

Also, make it easy for your employees to keep their workstations clean by investing in appropriate furniture. Cleaning is always easier and quicker when done as a team. And the great part about two or four-person desks is you can group the cleaning tasks per workstation.

If you’re looking to upgrade your desks, find all types of designs at Direct Office – computer, corner, executive office, reception and standing desks.

Get your workstations ready for summer.