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The Easiest Way to Create Employee Cubicles & Privacy in Your Office

Like the idea of an open plan workspace but worried about distractions? Invest in office partitions. This is the simplest way to divide a room in a flexible way. You don’t need to worry about installing long-term structures or adding new rooms to your premises.

Partitions strike that perfect balance between privacy and collaboration. Pull them up when you need and take down when you need to easily communicate between team members.

Consider Your Team’s Needs.

What type of employees do you have? What are their working styles? Some love collaborative settings while others require more of an autonomous environment. Either way, partitions and room dividers cater for both.

Modern offices are moving away from the cubicle-style, traditional design and onto an open, more inclusive layout. Part of this trend is due to technology, blurring the lines between work and home life. Employees want flexibility and more freedom in their weekdays. Open plan layouts aren’t as ‘clinical’, offering your team a more social, flexible way of working.

But this doesn’t have to lead to greater distractions. You just need to include the right products to allow for privacy when it’s needed. Freestanding room dividers can be easily moved around, while other designs can be integrated into workstations for a more ‘permanent’ solution.

Get the best of both worlds by breaking up a room into two – long, collaborative style desks and workstations with partitions. This way, your team can choose which type of style they need for the day or even a few hours. Leave it up to your team to decide the best way for them to complete their tasks.

By following this casual style, it’s also important to set a few guidelines to help your team stay accountable.

For example, create boundaries so your entire team is on the same page. This could mean blocking out certain hours to set aside for private work or even making signals for when team members need privacy. Why not buy some ‘do not disturb’ signs?

Alongside moveable furniture, another great idea is to separate spaces with plants and decorative items. These are subtle ways to add privacy, without making someone feel secluded. Oh, and invest in a good set of headphones. Use them to cancel out distracting sounds while also letting others know that you’re focused on work.

By following these simple strategies, you can get the best of both office worlds. Enjoy the benefits of both styles of working.

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Room dividers are an easy way to create temporary rooms and private break-out spaces in your office. These solutions also help with acoustics. At Direct Office, we have a large range of partitions and dividers for all office types.

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