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10 Best Small Office Design Ideas

Just because your office is small it doesn’t mean that it cannot look great. The design you choose creates an experience for you, your team and visitors. Before you start designing, consider its functionality, and how it appears overall. Choose a design that not just matches your brand theme, but also encourages innovation, creativity, and comfort. Want some inspiration for your upcoming design? Take these 10 Small Office design ideas to kick-start your design work and help you find the right small office furniture!

1. Branding In Your Small Office Design

Your small office design sets an impression on how others perceive it. Take this as an advantage to express your unique brand. What’s the story behind your brand? What does it value? When visitors come to your office, what do you want to portray? There is no single answer for what works best for your brand. It’s your creative hub, make it personal and give it all the love!

2. Choose the right furniture

Invest in quality furniture that meets your requirements, enhances your design and fits your office space. Make your small office furniture comfortable too. Employees spend the majority of their time sitting in a chair. A poor chair can cause back pain resulting in less productivity. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair to ensure your employees’ wellbeing.

3. Keep everything in minimal

It’s easier to think about several items to add in your office space, but doing so will only create more clutter. Small office design ideas, mean keeping everything minimal. Use office storage to keep your workplace organised and tidy.

4. Create a proper office plan

Do you want an open-plan or a cubicle setting? It depends upon the tasks and the nature of the business itself. Some tasks require personal focused space, while others require a group setting.
It is not practical to build separate office workstations in a small office. However, give employees the ability to work in a different setting than to limit them to a single desk.

5. Accommodate future growth

Your business will grow. The key to great design is to maintain a current office plan that accommodates future growth.

6. Allow natural lighting Is Crucial In Your Small Office Design

Having natural lighting boosts up your mood, increases positive energy and makes you productive. Ensure your design allows every employee to enjoy the natural light.

7. Incorporate the right colours

Do you know that different colours kindle specific emotional responses? Too much colour can become straining, whereas inadequate colour can make you feel dull. Add colours to match your company’s branding. Have fun with it, but be consistent with your colour choice.

8. Go green For Your Small Office Design

Who doesn’t love a cute green plant in the work desk? Plants spread the fresh, natural vibe and enhance your mood. Flowers also make your environment lively and pretty. Why not add some?

9. Make it inspiring

The office is your working space where you do all your creative work. You will likely get bored at least sometimes. Add an inspirational quote and a picture that inspires you the most.

10. Invest in office accessories

What accessories do you need for your office? It could be a simple whiteboard, soft wiring or an office partition. Choose suitable accessories to make the best use of your office furniture.

Small Office Design Idea – Take Away

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