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Key Furniture Pieces to Have in Important Spaces of Your Office

Many office furniture options can make your office more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The best office furniture for your business depends on branding and company culture.

The furniture you choose has a significant role in how your office will be set up. Different companies have their own office layout to meet their specific needs. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of five office furniture types you may consider:

1. Furniture Basics: Desks and Chairs

Office design trends keep changing from cubicles to open floor plans and from traditional concepts to modern concepts. No matter how much design trends change, office chairs and office desks are essential pieces of furniture in any office. Moreover, some companies even choose to add standing desks and eliminate chairs and desks, but this does not necessarily favour everyone.

Chairs and desks are a perfect combination to make your office beneficial for the whole team. Always consider ergonomics and comfort when choosing office chairs, considering the long hours spent working with a computer or other type of desk activity.

Ergonomic chairs can adapt to anyone and can still provide enough stability. It can also increase productivity and maintain a healthy environment at work.

2. Furniture for Lunchrooms and Break rooms

A happy team is a productive team, which is why lunchrooms and break rooms can often require a much-needed makeover.

Modern break rooms feature thoughtful design, utility, comfort and colourings. Providing support for employees while they are having a break allows valuable rejuvenation time and creates a more content and happy team.

Investing in a well-thought-out breakroom can provide a space that encourages creative collaboration, inspiration, and teamwork. Your office break room should be comfortable where everyone can enjoy coffee, lunch or snacks. Therefore, ensure there are plenty of chairs or bag beans to sit in comfort.

3. Storages and Cabinets

You do not want your potential clients to enter a messy office. Therefore, it’s crucial you invest in storage and cabinets. Proper storage units keep your office clutter-free and boost the productivity and creativity of the team.

Cabinets are of different sizes. Employees can use small-sized cabinets to store personal items. Medium-sized cabinets can be used for administration purposes such as storing stationery items. Large cabinets are specially designed lockers used for keeping confidential documents, legal papers, money, etc. Large cabinets have extra storage space for keeping costly equipment and personal office documents. Furthermore, for common areas, a tall cabinet with many drawers will offer ample space for storing items.

4. Office Cubicles

You might assume cubicles as a confined space that limits social interaction. However, they don’t need to be. These days modern office cubicles can make your work environment more adaptable and flexible. Cubicles are most beneficial for employees who require a quiet setting to focus without distraction. These allow open communication among employees while still maintaining privacy.

5. Furniture for Conference and Meeting Spaces

Every office requires a separate space where people meet and discuss project requirements. Therefore, that area will be used often so you should equip it with the proper furniture. You will need large desks and chairs and a big projector where you’ll display any interactive materials. Additionally, you must also pay attention to new technology such as presentation screens, voice conferencing systems that are changing the look of conference rooms worldwide.

To find the essential office elements we have discussed above, you’ll want to work with a reliable company that offers quality and comfort-centric furniture. at Direct Office, we have been providing office furniture solutions in Australia for over 30 years. Browse our website to find the ideal furniture! Above all, feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff should you have any questions.

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