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How to Choose The Right Furniture Colour For Your Office

How to Choose The Right Furniture Colour For Your Office

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How to choose the furniture colour that matches your office brand is difficult. Therefore, it’s essential to keep in mind multiple things, like how colour can influence mood and behaviour. Colours used in the workplace can have a profound effect on productivity, collaboration, and employee happiness.

Specific industries will often use associated colour schemes to reflect their attitude to their business. Finance and law firms might use neutral or muted tones, and colours like grey or deep browns to project professionalism. While a creative agencies are more likely to use bright colours to display innovation and creativity.

First impressions are critical! Even more so in business! Choosing the right colours to reflect your brand and create a cheerful, reassuring ambience, will ensure you get off on the right foot. Consider how you would like your customers to feel- confident, inspired, relaxed or entertained?

Making good use of colour in the office workspace needn’t require an entire re-fit. Injecting some colour through the use of accent furniture, some fresh paint or artwork could be all that’s needed to add some pizazz. Moreover, it could help boost productivity. Different office areas can benefit from various colour schemes, so let’s take a closer look at how to choose furniture colour.

Reception/ waiting areas

Use colours which tie in with your company branding and logo. Although if these are quite bold you can soften them to create a more welcoming impression. Choose reception desks and furniture accordingly. A stark white room is not only clinical and bland but can make your customers feel uncomfortable. If neutrals are still your colours of choice, add some colourful seating, rugs or artwork to enliven the space and make it welcoming.

Shades of navy, forest green and charcoal are excellent choices for conveying an attitude of seriousness and sophistication, while still allowing your customers to feel at ease.

How To Choose Furniture Colour Throughout the office

Prioritise cool colours like blues, greens and greys for their ability to soothe, boost concentration, and minimise anxiety. Blue is a universally popular colour, the reason being that it has a low wavelength and therefore isn’t straining on the eyes.

Blue is also calming and stabilising, and these are characteristics perfect for the office. It also supports efficiency and focus. Balance is key though, as too much blue, especially in the darker shades, can tip the mood from relaxing to melancholy.

It’s a good idea to add some warm elements and accents in order to increase energy levels. A splash of red, orange or yellow will balance the mood and drive productivity.

Training and meeting rooms

Turquoise is a popular colour for training rooms, as studies have shown that it inspires creativity and communication. A touch of while yellow helps people absorb and retain information, and assists in letting new skills sink in.

Green is best for meeting and boardrooms, as it inspires collaboration and concentration, and will get points on the agenda ticked off in no time. Make sure to consider this when you think about how to choose the right office furniture colour for your office.

Relaxation spaces

Informal spaces like the staff lounge, kitchen, and canteen are ideal for experimenting with colour and allowing in some more vibrant shades, without negatively impacting productivity. Bright colours in breakout spaces bring a refreshing change to the mood and will stimulate energy and optimism.

Where a variety of colours will be used in the office, it’s important to select either matching or complementary colours. Using a colour wheel is a great way for determining which colours will complement each other.

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