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How to Personalise Your Workspace

Most modern office environments are designed to be functional and as such are generally somewhat standardised. Therefore, you should take into account the demands of the modern business world. It’s crucial to personalise your workspace so you can have an environment that brings out your best!

Studies have found that giving workers more control to personalise their workspace, can make them feel more empowered and more comfortable. This in turn can positively bolster productivity and attitude. Moreover, giving employees some freedom to inject a sense of identity and personality into their workspace makes them happier, more efficient and motivated.

Contemporary office design is all about the open office, encouraging collaboration, innovation and an enhanced sense of working together. Multipurpose office spaces are also becoming popular. It’s easy to rearrange spaces to accommodate specific needs. For example, by using lightweight furniture and portable wall dividers, thiscan be a cinch.

But let’s focus for a moment on traditional designated offices. There are several subtle additions that can be made that go a long way toward employee satisfaction. Beyond a personalised coffee mug and some framed family photographs.

Let’s find out just how easy it is to personalise your workspace!

Finding The Right Layout

Arrange your space so you can move around comfortably, with enough space to walk around without bumping into things, and so that you don’t feel as if you have to be sitting at an office desk for the whole day. Getting up to walk around breaks monotony, can energise the body and improve cognition. Therefore, spend some extra time when you personalise your workspace.

Shine Some Light

Move your desk nearer to a window if possible to make use of natural lighting. Natural light is the number one most wanted natural feature in the workplace. Research shows that natural light has considerable benefits for wellbeing and overall performance in the workplace. If window seats are at a premium, consider strategies for rotating seating locations or walking meetings.

Add Some Colour To Personalise Your Workspace

Injecting some colour into the workplace can considerably impact mood and attitude. Warm colours like orange or yellow encourage feelings of optimism and creativity, while cool colours like green and blue foster calm and serenity. Add a colourful rug, planter or piece of wall art and choose complementary colours or colours from the same family for best effect.

Bring Nature Inside

Fostering our innate connection to nature, the addition of plants in the workplace has numerous benefits. Having plants in the office or views of vegetation reduces stress, increases the capacity to refocus attention and improves performance. Plants not only improve air quality but also have the immediate value of creating a more pleasing environment. All compelling reasons to make space for a planter or two in the office when you set out to personalise your workspace!

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