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Why Height Adjustable Desks Promote Good Health in the Office

As business owners, whenever you hire a new person or shuffle around staff, you won’t buy a new office desk (unless there aren’t enough spaces for your team to work). One desk might be used by dozens of employees, over the course of its lifespan. Each person will have different height requirements. This is where furniture like the Rapide Height Adjustable Desk is useful.

Set the desk height anywhere between 685 – 1205mm. Its lifting capacity is 100kg and its built for rigidity. Your employees can easily use the up and down control.

Heighten productivity in the office.

Adjustable desks not only offer the flexibility to change the height, depending on the person who’s using it. But also, employees can choose to make it as tall as possible and turn it into a standing desk. People who work with ,a standing desk can overcome fatigue, muscle pain, and improves blood circulation. There’s also reduced eye strain by moving the monitor. Standing desks are a more flexible working method that more offices are starting to implement.

Here are some other reasons why they’re growing in popularity:

  • It’s easier to stay in shape, especially if you’re standing up for a portion of the day
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Alertness and a greater ability to concentrate
  • Increased engagement in work and with colleagues.

Think about it. It’s not natural to sit down all day. The human body is made to move, to be in motion. Movement is essential for spinal health, by improving circulation and minimising muscle fatigue.

Get the best of both worlds, comfort and good health, by alternating between sitting and standing positons to keep your body fit. A body in motion is a healthy body (and mind), so encourage small movements in the office.

This starts by getting the right office chairs and desks that can be altered by the user. They make the decision whether sitting or standing works best for them that day. It’s a simple strategy that goes a long way to achieve a healthy workforce. Don’t try adapting to a diverse range of people. They know what works best for themselves. Give them the power to adapt their desk using what feels right – the position their body is at the strongest and most efficient. Help them find that perfect working position for their body.

Adjustable Office Desks

Do you have people hunching over their desk and complaining about sore backs? Look after the health of your team by switching your desks over to adjustable designs. Talk to us about our wide range of products, like the Rapide Height Desk. We can also tailor a suite of desks based on your specific needs.

Cookie cutter solutions don’t work in the long run. Adapt your workstations to whoever is working at them. Empower your employees. You’ll notice the difference in productivity levels, motivation, commitment, and most importantly, health.