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Looking for Sit-stand Desks in Perth Sit-stand desks are an innovative solution for office workers looking for a comfortable and ergonomic work setup. With sit-stand desks, you can switch between sitting and standing postures throughout the day to give your body a break from long periods of sitting. This not only helps promote healthier posture and movement but can also reduce fatigue and improve productivity. If you're looking to buy sit-stand desks in Perth, plenty of options are available. With a wide range of styles, materials, and prices to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect sit-stand desk for your workspace. Whether you want something simple and budget-friendly or an executive sit-stand desk with all the bells and whistles, there's something out there to meet your needs. With so many options available, now is the time to make your office workstation more comfortable and ergonomic – get a sit-stand desk today! Standing desks are looked at as the solution to the longer-term health issues associated with long periods of sitting down at a desk.  

Why choose a “Standing Desk” for your office work?

Choosing a standing desk is a wise investment as there are some very positive benefits of standing desks:

1. More Energy: When you sit, your body uses very little energy, and your body’s metabolism goes down. So basically, the body goes into a “power down” mode. The body no longer produces the necessary metabolic proteins and other molecules that are released when you’re up and walking around. As a result, your good cholesterol, heart rate, and calories burned, all drop, and when these vital activities in the body drop, your body suffers.

Therefore, with the use of standing desks, you can’t slouch or become lazy at your workplace. Your mind is more aware and alert, your body is moving, and your blood pumping. Also, with your muscles working, your metabolic rate improves, and your body no longer suffers the ill effects of a saggy posture!

2. Improved Posture: It is said that the best posture for human beings is with a straight and erect spine. While you are standing, you cannot slouch, giving you the ideal posture to do prolonged work at your standing desk. Also, since your back muscles are engaged while standing, your shoulders and neck region will be less tense!

3Boost Productivity: An increase in energy, lack of distraction, a more comfortable body, and a boost to activity can all work together to make you more productive and efficient. No one can do their job as well as expected if they feel worn down, tired, or distracted. Standing up with your computer or paperwork on a standing desk riser can keep you on task more effectively. Besides the physical changes, your brain also focuses better with fewer distractions. If you stand up for only shorter periods of time and sit down in between, this active and passive positioning cycle can also boost your productivity. Many people use tight scheduling and event timers to create a focus and flow state to achieve more. The benefits only increase if you add a standing desk to your repertoire.

So, you just need to find your middle ground of time spent standing and time spent sitting with a standing desk or a sit-stand desk. You can find the perfect balance that best suits you. In the beginning, it might take some time getting used to, but later, you will find it more comfortable standing and working than slouching on a seat. Nonetheless, an adjustable standing desk is a great option to go with to get the best of both worlds.

Things to keep in mind when searching and investing in a Standing desk.

There are a couple of things to be considered when it comes to using a standing desk:

– If you’ve been previously used to sitting and working, then an adjustable standing desk is a great option for increasing your productivity and efficiency at work. With just a push of a button, you can sit and stand whenever you want.

– Adjust the standing desk so that your arms are at a comfortable 90 degrees position before you start your work. The desk should be adjusted as per your height. Best results are achieved if good ergonomic practices are religiously followed.

– Get a soft pad to stand upon for extra cushioning so that your feet won’t hurt.

– Just like investing in any of your favourite things, like a comfortable couch or a quality design shelf, invest in your standing desk! If you have a full-time desk job, you will use your desk more than your sofa or couch, so it’s an investment in yourself. Therefore, don’t go for any cheap options or a DIY makeshift thing for your standing desk that you might give up on later.

Benefits of Buying Sit-stand Desks from the Direct Office

– We have our factory for fabricating our products, which means all products are affordable.

– We supply high-quality products with an expansive range of office furniture items to choose from.

– Delivery is available throughout Australia. We offer various shipping options that ensure fast and safe delivery.

To find more information on standing desks, call us on 1800 951 427, or start a chat with one of our consultants (in the bottom right-hand corner).

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