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Why You Should Care About Your Office Furniture

For many businesses, office furniture is a last-minute decision. There could be a new staff member starting on Monday and there are not enough workstations. It’s easy to focus on the ‘sexy’ stuff, like the interior design. Although a well-designed space is important, the comfort of an Office chair or ease of an Office workstation is directly linked to productivity and motivation.

Avoid falling into the ‘it’s good enough’ mindset. While you’re constantly being marketed to from chain furniture stores offering cheap products, they’re not focused on what really matters: the health of your employees.

There have been many studies over the years about the importance of wellbeing at work. Investing in ergonomically friendly desks, chairs or Furniture can help achieve this. Think about features like height adjustable chairs, flexible desks, and modular workstations. It’s rare that only one person will sit on a chair during the years they work for your company. Therefore, it’s important to give your team the option to alter, according to their body and working style.

When they’re supported at their workstations, they’ll be more productive, motivated, and won’t suffer from as many issues like sore backs or stiff necks. Moreover, investing in premium, consciously made furniture also tells a message to your team and clients – that you care.

Don’t buy your furniture without a vision or plan.

Have an idea what you actually need it for, instead of just buying random pieces to fill a room. Additionally, you should accurately assess your needs and know exactly how the new furniture will be used (and by whom).

Choose timeless style over fleeting trends. Think about your furniture as an investment, instead of something that you continually cycle through. This way, it makes it easier to spend a little bit extra for quality pieces.

Be wary of the fabrics that best suit your office. Do you have a cleaner come in regularly? If so, choose a fabric that can be easily maintained and doesn’t agitate the skin. Again, remember all the different people that’ll sit down there.

Also, consider how the furniture will adapt to technology. A basic desk isn’t going to suffice in five years time. Maybe it will but it certainly won’t be as functional as a modern desk with space for phone chargers, powerpoints, and data outlets. Keep your workspace as flexible as possible to make room for growth.

Like anything, you get what you pay for. If this means waiting an extra month so you can invest a little bit extra, do it. This approach is going to be worth it.

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