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5 Easy Exercises to do at Your Desk to Stay Fit

Working in an office isn’t exactly great for your health. It’s not natural to sit down for 8+ hours a day, but the work requires focus. What you can do is reprogram your idea of exercise and do what you can at your office desk.

Studies have shown that sitting down is as dangerous for your health as smoking. Scary, right? There’s greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, and illnesses. But the good news is, prevention is easy – just get moving more.

Have you heard of the 10,000 steps goal? It’s easy to follow. Get yourself a Fitbit and it’ll tell you how many steps you’ve taken today. What’s better is you can set reminders if you’re inactive for too long. You can set it to buzz every hour to remind you to move. Office works are great at forgetting to get up and walk around, especially if they’re right in the middle of a big, stressful project. This tool will simply keep you accountable and show how much (or how little) activity you’re really doing.

During those little breaks or anytime you remember, do these five exercises. You won’t even need to move from your desk.

1. Ankle rotations

Maintain strong ankles by doing simple rotations for five seconds. Alternate between each foot and do it in both directions. To boost flexibility, repeat this exercise eight times in each direction.

2. Shrug your shoulders

Don’t let your hands get all the action. Move your shoulders and reduce any tension. To release your upper body, breathe in deeply and shrug your shoulders. Lift them high up to your ears, hold there, then release the drop. Do this three times to loosen your neck and shoulders.

3. Tone your calves

Get your leg muscles nice and toned by stretching your calf muscles. While seated, raise your legs onto your tippy toes and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat seven times and you’ll feel your calf muscles burn a little… in a good way.

4. Lift your legs

With both feet flat on the floor, lift your legs. Start with your left, then right, making sure each leg touches the underneath of your desk. This will help you get the most out of these muscles. Lift each leg for five seconds and repeat three times. This exercise works both your thighs and core.

5. Roll your wrists

Take a break from typing and roll your wrists 10 times, clockwise, then 10 times, anticlockwise. You’ll reduce the risk of getting repetitive strain injury.

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