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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Office Furniture

Every physical space is given personality through interior design. In workspaces, think of your office furniture just like the a uniform your team wears. It’s the image you portray.

Your go-to checklist for choosing office furniture

Redesigning your office takes more than just a visual eye. You need to think about things like comfort, ergonomics, and how your employees work best. Take your time and don’t rush this process. The office environment plays an important role in how productive and happy your employees are. In fact, it’s the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction.

So, here’s what you need to think about.

  1. Your budget

    While this certainly isn’t the most important part, it will limit your buying choice. Decide on this first and begin your search with a figure in mind. Break it down into mini budgets for Office chairs, office tables, desks, and anything else you need. If your budget is small, focus on quality, not quantity.

  2. Ergonomic qualities

    Your employees spend eight hours using this furniture every day. Make sure the chairs and tables you choose are ergonomically-designed chairs and desks. Look for features such as contoured seats, backrest supports, adjustable seats, and armrests. Think about the flexibility of each piece of furniture.

  3. Functionality

    Flexibility and functionality are key. Can you find a desk that doubles as an office storage unit? What about your reception chairs – can they be used to seat extra employees like freelancers?

  4. Your brand image

    This is an important one that many business owners forget. When it comes to highlighting your brand messages and the feelings it evokes, your employee’s matter. It’s your people who are in the front line, communicating with the customers and stakeholders. Create a positive, engaging atmosphere that matches your brand. Talk to a designer about colour choices, layout, and material types.

  5. Your furniture designer

    How much support does your office furniture company provide? If something goes wrong or breaks, will you be covered by a warranty or service? Choose a team with an eye for interior design.

There you have it. When updating your office, remember these things:

  • Don’t just focus on looks. Consider how comfortable your team will be.
  • Your employees should be at the forefront of your mind when making your decision.
  • Choose quality over price or convenience. Nope, that free chair your friend is giving away isn’t the best choice.
  • Test out the furniture. Would you like to use it? If not, don’t get it.

If you’re hunting for office furniture that showcases your brand’s strengths, talk to us. We can work with you to custom design office space to match your unique business needs.

Let your office ‘speak’ to your guests the moment they walk through the door. Desks, chairs, workstations, and storage, we cover everything from the ground up.

Design your office to boost productivity and good vibes.