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4 Tips to Help You to Choose the Perfect Desk for Your Home Office

As technology continues to evolve, our work/life becomes more fluid. The 9-5 structure isn’t so black and white. More and more of us are working at home, increasing the importance of our own computer desk.

For home offices, special attention needs to be placed on design. Minimising distractions is critical, and it begins with your desk.

What To Keep In Mind When Installing Home Office Desks

Live up to your best intensions of working at home by creating a space that’s dedicated for work only. Bum down, head down…

Choosing your best office desk is central to achieving this. Even the smallest of spaces can be recreated into your home office. This means that small nook of space near the bedroom window with beautiful garden views can be your ‘office’. The most important thing is the feeling the space evokes. Try to find an area with natural light and a view. Staring at a white wall doesn’t do much for your creativity and motivation.

The Location

Ok, so back to that feeling. Is there an area in your house that is perfectly positioned close to the coffee machine and has outdoor views? If you don’t have a dedicated room for your office, find a spot that you love to spend time.

The Size Of Desk

Once you’ve got your location sorted, measure out the available space. Think about how much physical space you’ve got to work with. Where will you position the desk, install the lights, powerpoints, and office storage. The area you’ve got will determine the size of desk you will choose.

The type of desk What desk style do you have at work? Do you like it? Would you prefer to work on a different style of desk? Based on your taste, working style and the tasks you need to do, choose the shape of your home desk. Is it a bench, corner desks or compact desk? There are many options available.

The style of your home. Give thought to the colour and finish, in line with the décor and vibe of your home. Is it contemporary, vintage, industrial or futuristic? How will it match to the surrounding furniture?

The cool thing about the home office is you’re completely in control of how you design it. If you find a cool lamp that you fall in love with but it doesn’t quite fit your company’s brand, that’s okay. As long as it doesn’t distract you from the work, have fun with your home desk design.’

Make sure there’s enough space for your computer, mouse, a notepad, any electrical devices, books, storage, and anything else you need.

For help choosing the perfect desk for your needs at home, talk to us. Working at home requires a little extra thought. Say no to distractions and create a workspace that will help you be efficient and productive. Ask about our ergonomic office chairs and office cupboards.

You’ll love your new commute, too.

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