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Australian Made Office Furniture: Why it’s Never Been More Important

During the 2008/09 recession, when the whole world was facing the worst financial crisis since the great depression, Australia was the only developed country to duck it successfully.

A solid combination of smart policies, partnership with the right trading partners, resilient banking infrastructure and many more has been contributing to making Australia one of the most stable economies of the world for the last thirty years. And Australian made products have been one of the significant contributors to it. 

The latest scenario since COVID-19 outbreak has a somewhat similar effect to the global economy. Only this time, Australia is facing a greater challenge. With the halting of global financial activities to mitigate the damage of the pandemic, countries are focusing more on local resources to manage the financial challenge. 

For decades, Australian made products have been one of the major contributors to the Australian economy.

Australian made office furniture and how important it was in the recession

Though Australia has been able to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infection rate, we have lost more than 800,000 jobs in the process. Now that we are carefully planning to get back to work, we have a huge liability to help the economy get back on track. Buying Australian products has never been more critical than now. Hence, Direct Office focuses on prioritising the transaction of Australian made office furniture more than ever.       

Direct Office manufactures and supplies world-class Australian Made furniture products. Moreover, these furniture products ensure great quality, reliability, and safety. The furniture contributes to the local economy and helps the local community. 

Australian Made vs Made in Australia 

People often get confused between the terms ‘Australian made’ and ‘Made in Australia’ while making a purchase. Though these two terms sound similar, there is a considerable difference between them in terms of manufacturing.

Australian made refers to the products that are manufactured in Australia using local raw materials and local workforce. The overall process of manufacturing these products includes only local resources.

Made in Australia may refer to the products that are partially manufactured in Australia. Most of the ‘made in Australia’ products are only assembled in Australian soil while some contain less than one per cent locally outsourced raw materials. 

Be sure you do not fall for the trick of buying products that do not refer precisely to what is written on its label. Direct office introduces Australian made Momentum® range of premium furniture with high-quality finishing. Click here to check out for more information. 

Australian made office furniture and the difference between labeling

Benefits Of Buying Australian Made Furniture

We all know Australian furniture for its quality and reliability. On top of that, with every purchase, everything around you, including the community and the environment, will benefit. Australian furniture offers a better value to the users than most of the products coming from abroad.  

The importance of Australian made furniture brands

Australian made furniture brands offer you better assurance and warranty

Benefits To The Buyer

There is no doubt that Australian made products resemble quality and reliability. These factors are a given as the Australian Manufacturing process has regulations to ensure the highest quality. When you are buying Australian furniture, you are getting the best in terms of quality. Strict safety standards also make sure that Australian made furniture and the materials used in it are carefully inspected so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

Australian made furniture brands offer you better assurance and warranty. Furthermore, since manufacturing takes place locally, they are highly customisable. Australian made furniture also provides users with a greater range of styles and colours. Since no one understands the Australian lifestyle better than ourselves, Australian made furniture brands, like every other Australian made products, are designed with Australians in mind. Hence these products exactly blend in with the plans of the users as they get what they want exactly. 

Direct Office offers up to 25 years of warranty on our Australian made furniture range.

Benefits To The Economy

When you buy Australian made products, every dollar you spend contributes to helping generate local jobs, supporting our community and helping Australian families. This activity circulates the money within the country and contributes to the overall economy. A more robust economy means more excellent benefits for all citizens. 

According to australianmade.com.au, every million-dollar of a manufacturing business in Australia generates $333,900 worth of tax revenue, $985,000 worth of value-added, $95,000 value of welfare benefits saved, and ten full-time jobs.

It is never a better time to contribute to the economy than right now. If you are willing to buy office furniture, Direct Office offers you an exclusive range of Australian made office furniture with a choice of numerous designs, colours, and finishing. 


Benefits To The Community 

The Australian government regulates stringent environmental guidelines and policies to the local manufacturers. Thus Australian made products are more environmentally friendly. Buying Australian products also means it creates significantly fewer carbon miles during the transportation process of your goods. 

All Australian manufacturers support the fair treatment of workers, ensuring national minimum wages and better working conditions. Some Australian made goods may cost a few cents more. However, these few cents contribute to creating a better society, ultimately benefiting everyone.   

So What Are You Waiting For…

Buying Australian made furniture not only provides you with better benefits but also supports the economy while also caring for the environment. Australian made products meet your satisfaction with faster delivery and less hassle. While buying Australian made, you are contributing to the community and providing yourself with a better quality of life. So why not go for it when it’s the best time?

Direct Office offers the most exquisite range of Australian made office furniture built to suit the Australian lifestyle. These products not only come with reliable warranties but ensure fair treatment of workers and the environment during manufacturing. 

Browse the office furniture of your choice from our exclusive Australian made Momentum® range.