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What are the Benefits of Buying Office Furniture?

Do you think about splashing out on furniture if it’s been a good month? Probably not. You’ve got your eye on something cool, like Google glasses. But there’s a long list of reasons why you should invest in quality furniture – comfort and support, being one. And if there’s one piece of furniture that needs to be comfortable, it’s your office chairs.

Use January as your time to refresh not only your business goals, but the office layout, too. Environment plays a huge role in the productivity and motivation of your team. Create a space where your team looks forward to coming into every day.

Give Your Office A Refreshed Look.

Just as your company grows and evolves, your physical space should reflect this. Investing in new furniture is a great way to update an outdated space. You can’t always change offices, but you can modify what you put in it. Don’t be afraid to give it personality. Show your employees and clients who you are and what the company stands for. Dress up the space with modern, ergonomically designed furniture to promote health and wellbeing.

That beautiful lumbar-supporting chair with perfectly positioned arm rests will help your team get more done. No more sore necks at five o’clock.

By replacing your old furniture, you’ll also make life easier for your team. New office furniture is more technology friendly, with built-in cabling and charging stations. This shows your people (clients and employees) that you’re forward thinking.

When you spend the time to get to know your employee’s needs, it gives them peace of mind. It shows you’re investing in their future – not only their performance but health and happiness.

Instead of always having to cycle your cheap chairs and tables, if you spend a little bit more on quality made furniture, they come with longer warranties. If an armrest breaks on a chair or there’s an issue with your new table, know that you’ll be covered. If you’re buying second hand or accepting ‘hand me downs’ from nearby offices, you won’t be able to call on the manufacturer to repair any issues (if they arise).

And last but not least, it’s a business expense – meaning, it’s tax deductable. You can deduct the full payment in the first year but also ask your accountant about depreciation in the years following the purchase.

New furniture is comfortable for your employees and will catch the eyes of your clients. It’s a win-win. Invest in quality, ergonomic furniture to promote innovation, movement, and growth. Have fun with decorating your office space. The environment is more important than you might think. Have you ever tried working in a space that has no energy and is uncomfortable? Your attention span probably wasn’t long.

Update Your Office Furniture.

Ready to go shopping? Do it, in the comfort of your own home. Browse our wide range of ergonomic office chairs, desks and furniture. If there’s something you can’t find, we’ll custom make it.

No waiting in lines and making rash decisions. Easy purchasing, quality products.