Local retailers, manufacturers and trades need all our support as Australia’s COVID-19 virus outbreak continues to unfold. We can all make a positive impact on Australian industry by shopping local and seeking out products that carry the trusted Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, in-store and online. There’s never been a more important time to champion our Australian Makers! Don’t let your project be delayed by current global supply chain issues by sourcing Australian manufactured products using Australian made materials.


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With Direct Office, Enjoy Authentic Products While Supporting The Local Economy

Buying Australian made furniture not only brings a range of benefits to you as a consumer but also supports the national economy while caring for the environment as well. Since Australian manufacturing is regulated to ensure the highest quality standards, Australian made products meet your highest level of satisfaction with faster delivery.

Australian made furniture come with reliable warranties and guarantees as fair treatment of workers and environmental care is also ensured while manufacturing these products. 

Help the local economy while getting the right value in return. The economy needs your support more than ever. Australian made furniture is designed with Australians in mind because no one understands our lifestyle better than ourselves.   

Direct Office offers you the full range of Australian made furniture ranging from Australian made chair, Australian made desk to all types of Australian made furniture to fit into your office space. We are one of the most trusted Australian owned manufacturers and suppliers of Australian made office furniture in Perth and WA. We not only offer you quality products but also advocate fair treatment of workers and the environment. We stock a huge amount of ready-to-dispatch furniture of all ranges to provide you with the fast delivery service and to meet your quantity requirements. With over three decades of experience in the Australian office furniture market, we are here to best fulfil your furniture requirement with our quality Australian made products.